Sitharathai | Kulanjan Benefits - Home Remedies for Cold, Cough and Chest Congestion

Sitharathai | Kulanjan Benefits - Home Remedies for Cold, Cough, and Chest Congestion:

Sitharathai is a very good home remedy for common cold and cough. I am currently using this home remedy for my 3 years old kid to treat cold and cough. I have tried myself too. It is so effective. I thought it is a very good natural remedy for cold and cough which is worth sharing with you all. If I find symptoms of a cold or a cough, I immediately start giving Sithrathai on the same day so that it gets cured immediately. If we use the home remedy on the same day as we recognize common cold or cough symptoms, it is very easy to cure it.

My neighbor told me that she used to give Sitharathai to his son whenever he catches a common cold. 

I feel that it is quite an easy a remedy which does not take much time if you have it in powder form.


Health Benefits & Uses of Sitharathai(Kulanjan): 

Sitharathai(Kulanjan) is very effective for treatment of cold and cough. Regular intake of Sitharathai during a cold can easily make the phlegm come out and help you to free from chest congestion. It is also used for stomach complaints.

Where to buy Sitharathai?

You can buy in Naatu Marunthu Kadai(country drug stores). You might be able to get in few grocery shops too. I am seeing that it is available in online websites too.

How to give Sitharathai(Kulanjan) for kids?

Mix Sitharathai with honey and give it to kids(above 3 yrs old). They do not complain to eat it if you add more honey. I always add a generous amount of honey(1 tbsp approx) and give it to my son.

If you do not have honey at home, mix it with milk and add a good amount of sugar or jaggery to make it tasty.

My neighbor told me that we can add Sitharathai in payasam and give it to kids who are not ready to take it even with honey. You do not need to tell them that you are giving a natural medicine if you are going to add in payasam. You can give it even if they do not have an illness. It is good for overall health.

I am not sure about the dosage instructions of Sitharathai for small babies. It is better to consult a doctor for small babies before trying.

Sitharathai Dosage Instructions:

In the Sitharathai powder pack, it is mentioned that we can give 1/2 tsp Sitharathai powder with honey which has to be given morning and evening. If you do not have it in powder form, you can mince or chop the piece  into smaller pieces and grind it into fine powder form. 

Adults can increase the quantity a little bit or can have thrice a day. Check dosage instructions in you can check in the packing. If it is not available, ask the people in stores itself. They will have good knowledge.

Few other Home Remedies for Cold and Cough:

Camphor and Coconut oil for cold and cough

Ajwain Leaves or Karpooravalli for cold
Honey and Cinnamon for cold and cough  
Turmeric, Pepper, and Palm sugar milk
Homemade Health Tonic

Names of Sitharathai/Kulanjan in different languages:

Botanical name: Alpinia Calcarata

Family: Zingiberaceae
Common Name: Snap Ginger, Cardamon Ginger, Indian Ginger
English: The greater galangal, lesser galangal, Java galangal
Hindi: Kulanjan, Granthimula
Malayalam: Chittaratha,Artta
Tamil: Chithirathai, Nattarattai.
Telugu: Dumparastramu.

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