Amla With Honey - How to Preserve amla in honey - Health Benefits

Amla and honey are very good for health. Consuming amla with honey daily has a lot of health benefits. My cousin had stomach ulcer and he was advised to have amla soaked in honey daily in empty stomach. He was advised not to eat any other dish for one hour. He told that he found it quite effective. It is good for increasing blood count and to maintain the health of the hair . We all know that it is a rich source of Vitamin C. It lowers cholesterol level. It helps to treat anemia and gives stamina.

With lot of health benefits hidden in amla(Nellikai in Tamil), we are still hesitating to include amla daily in our diet. The reason is the fact that amla cannot please our palates easily. Soaking amla in honey is the best way to include amla in our diet on daily basis.

I have just made eating amla soaked in honey as a daily habit. Knowing the benefits of amla soaked in honey, I get tempted to buy the bottles with amla dipped in honey whenever I see them in super market. But I held back myself thinking to make it at home.

Different people told me different recipes and I got totally confused. Few told me to use fresh amla to soak in honey. Some people told me to dry the amla under sun and soak in honey. Some people know the recipe of only Amla murabba made in sugar syrup but not in honey. So, I decided to buy one from super market to check how it is. In the label, it has been mentioned that ingredients are dry amla and honey. Having the amla in honey bottle bought from store in hand, I started preparing it at home. I wanted to reproduce the same actually. Yeah, it was successful.

Amla in Honey Recipe:


Amla(Indian gooseberries)
Honey - As required


1. Clean amla and cut into thin slices as shown in picture. Discard the seeds. Prick holes with a fork or tooth pick. Spread them on a plate and dry under hot sun for 1 day. Drying time depends on the climate and how hot it is. I made this in hot summer. So, 1 day was enough.

2. Clean and dry a bottle. Glass bottle is preferred thought any air tight container is sufficient. The store bought one was in a plastic bottle only. Put the dried amla pieces inside the bottle and pour honey to immerse the amla pieces. Cover with the lid. Initially all the pieces will be crowded at the top and some might not get immersed properly even though you pour more amount of honey. But slowly they will start immersing(not to the floor level)  in the honey. So, pour some extra honey to give them extra room when they start immersing.

3. Dry the bottle under sun for 2-3 days. Shake the bottle once a day. The honey will start thinning down as the amla releases water content. You can see the difference very well. It will become little watery. You can skip this step too. But it would take more time than usual to get the amla to become soft. If you are going to dry them under sun, go for glass bottle. That is better when it comes to health. If you are not drying under sun, wait for honey to thin down(4 days approximately).

4. Take another clean and dry bottle(glass or air tight again). Transfer the amla piece alone from the original bottle to the new bottle. Pour fresh honey to immerse the amla pieces. Cover with lid. Leave it aside for 15-20 days till you get the desired softness of amla pieces. You can consume a spoonful of honey and amla daily.


1. You can use the thinned down honey for making another batch of amla in honey. You can consume them as normal honey too. It will be slightly bitter. But it is good.

2. Start trying with 2 amla pieces initially. Once you understand the process better and comfortable with the preparation, go for higher quantity.

3. If the amla is completely dried under sun and you do not see honey getting thinned, you can use as it. There is no need to add fresh honey. But make sure that you dry the amla pieces completely before adding them with honey. I prefer the first method as the amla will be little fleshy and good to eat.

4. Always use dry spoon.

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  2. Can we eat amla with honey in early morning with brush or with out brush

    1. For my cousin who had ulcer problem, he was asked to take this as a first thing in the morning and not to eat anything for an hour. But I think it varies from person to person and based on the health. I have heard that taking amla in empty stomach is good, either in the morning or evening around 4 PM(by that time your lunch must hv got digested). I am not sure about before brushing or after brushing. My cousin is taking only after brushing. You can ask any medical professional about this.

  3. Thanks for sharing this. Your blog is very useful as I too was confused how to prepare honey amla murabba. Thanks again.

  4. hi,
    how to make honney murabba

  5. I am very grateful to read your blog. nice n useful information. Organic Products are better to use as they are eco-friendly and safe. They do not cause any side-effect. thanks for sharing.

    Sathish from Organic Honey in Chennai

  6. I dried the Amla in hot sun but it turned black pls tell me what to do.

    1. I think it was over dried. Keep watching in regular intervals. Just the moisture has to go out.

  7. Mam mene second tym amla honey murraba bnaya h toh mene iss bar last time ka honey jab amla m milya toh abh usme foul smell ho gyi h aur mene new honey bhi daal diya h tab bhi foul smell nhi ja rahi h please bataye m kya karun?

    1. Can you please ask in English? I don't understand Hindi.

  8. Mam I made amla in honey recipe second time and as you said above in the blog that we can use tha honey which is left in the in the jar in the next time making of amla in honey but now I made the amla in honey second time with the last batch of honey left but after using the left honey in my new amlas the amla Nd honey both are giving foul smell after I changed the honey with the new one the result is same kindly help me.

    1. Have you dried the amla completely?

    2. I dried the amla for two days in the direct sunlight Nd I also made pores in them Nd when before I putted them in jar they are soft to touch at the same time small in size also due to shrinking.