How to make amla powder at home - Homemade Amla powder for hair

How to make amla powder at home - Homemade Amla powder for hair:

Homemade Amla powder is very good for health due to its known 100% percent purity. However, it is not so easy to grind the dried amla pieces as they are hard. Here are some easy ways to make amla powder at home. Grating the amla pieces and drying them helps a lot while making the amla powder at home. Amla can be consumed in many ways. You can preserve amla in honey for easy and pleasing intake.  Homemade amla hair oil can be made which can be applied on your hair for promoting hair growth and preventing premature greying. In this article, we will see how to make amla powder at home.

Amla Powder Recipe For immediate consumption:

1. Clean the amla pieces with water.
2. Allow them to dry.
3. Cut them into small pieces or grate them for easier grinding.
4. Discard the seeds.
5. Grind it in a mixie without adding water.

Fresh Amla powder made using the above recipe will be little juicy and have moisture in it as the amla pieces have moisture in them. So, once you use the required amount, store it in an air tight container and keep it inside fridge. You can use it for 2-3 days. After that, the taste of the amla powder starts to deteriorate.

Dry Amla Powder For longer shelf life:

You can make dry amla powder both at home or in a grinding mill. Preparing at home involves the below complications.

1. Dried amla pieces are hard to cut using a mixie especially if the motor is not powerful.
2. There are chances that the blades are spoiled if they are not strong enough. Other damages may also occur to mixer.
3. The process of making amla powder in mixer takes really a long time.
4. The mixer should be thoroughly cleaned as the amla powder makes the other grinding items(you grind after that) more bitter if they are not cleaned properly.
5. You cannot make fine powder if your mixer is not powerful enough.

Though there are certain complications involved in making the amla powder at home, you can try whether your mixer is capable enough by trying with 2 amla first. If you are able to make the amla powder successful, you win as nothing is better than homemade amla powder.

Now, let us see the process involved in making amla powder at home.

1. Clean the amla pieces with water. Make sure you remove all the dirt.

2. Cut or grate the amla into small pieces. If you are going to grind it at home, make sure that you grate the amla pieces as it is quite easy for grinding when compared to small chunks.

3. Spread the cut pieces in a small stainless steel or glass plate. Dry them under sun till the amla pieces have no moisture left. It might take few days to get the amla pieces completely dry based on your climate condition. You can cover the plate with a muslin cloth or an appropriate filter to protect the pieces from dust.

4. Once the amla pieces are completely dried, they are ready to make powder out of them. Grind it in a mixer or in a grinding mill and make a fine powder of it.

Amla powder has various uses. It can be consumed with water, milk or honey. Few pinches can also be added in your food. As it has bitter taste, make sure you are not adding in large quantity.

Besides its culinary uses, Amla powder is very good for your hair. Both internal intake and external application make a lot of difference to your hair. Stay tuned for the next post on using amla powder for hair growth and premature greying.

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  1. Thank you for your amla information,Shunmuga!
    Do you know by any chance if amla's leaves can be used for making tea or tincture?
    We have a few ~4 years old amla trees that froze last winter here in Texas but came back to life from their roots.
    No fruit on any of them yet.
    A few websites mentioned that any part of amla can be used but there are only recipes related to berries. Nothing regarding using leaves or bark.

  2. Hi.. I don't have idea on how to use the amla leaves. Will chk with ppl and update if I come to know about the uses.