BabyOye Review - My Recent Loot Purchase from BabyOye

BabyOye Review - My Recent Loot Purchase from BabyOye:

I always love to involve my kid whenever we buy something for him. Days are gone when kids have to take everything for granted. I always feel that a little leverage has to be given for the current generation kids when they listen to our words.

As soon as I told my kid that we could order a new toy for him since its long time, he threw me a question. "Amma, Are u going to buy that jumping car which we saw on that day?", he asked. While watching videos in Youtube, we saw the video of Majorette racing jump cars one day. From that day onwards, my kids was asking for it. I told him that it might be difficult to find the same thing in India. However I searched for it and luckily found it in Babyoye which is one of my favorite websites for online shopping for kids in India. Though the toy set is an expensive one, I got in a good discounted price in Babyoye.


MRP - Rs.1999
Babyoye Discounted Price - Rs.1300
After downloading Babyoye app and applying exclusive discount code for App, Price - Rs.800. Isn't exciting? Let me call it as a loot deal.

My Review: 

Right from my order confirmation, every stage of the delivery process was intimated to me through my mail by Babyoye. I ordered the set on November 20 and got it shipped on November 21. I really did not expect such a fast shipping. The set was delivered by Delhivery courier on November 26.

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The parcel was really a big one. It was around 2.5- 3 feet actually. My jubilant son went and grabbed the parcel from the courier guy. But he was not able to handle it alone.

Want to know about the first impressions? Majorette jumping car looked really impressive. Once we opened the parcel, we started to assemble the tracks. It has 5 cars that were just enough to delight my kid actually. However I involved him while fitting the track. Some parts were little tricky to assemble but we were able to fit it with my hubby's help. It took around 15 minutes to put the parts together and it is totally worth it. The set easily engages my kid for an hour or more.

The best part is the price. I got it with around 60% discount. I am sure that I cannot buy this set in this price anywhere else in the world other than Babyoye.

The only cons is the button which has to be pressed to launch the cars is little bit hard and requires more energy to press for little kids. But I feel that it should not be a problem for kids of age 5+.

Overall, I would like to give 8/10 rating for the product and 10/10 for Babyoye for smooth delivery and amazing discount.
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