Chin Acne and Jawline Acne - Causes, Home Remedies for Chin Breakouts | Pimples On Chin

Chin Acne and Jawline Acne - Causes, Home Remedies for Chin Breakouts | Pimples On Chin:

Every women wants to flaunt a radiant, bright, smooth and an absolutely clean face and it is something that is quite like a dream to the ladies due to the environmental and climatic conditions in today’s world. Have you beauties ever thought as how to make your dreams come true? Well, you nailed it! Clogged pores it is and this is the main cause for all skin problems, specifically, acne. Women often tend to develop a large number of acne around the chin or the lower face such as the areas around the mouth or the jawline. Chin breakouts and jawline acne have become quite now and you can see many girls and women with chin breakouts nowadays.

What is Acne on Chin and Jawline - Jawline Acne, Pimples, Acne On Chin Means?

There is link between the location of occurrence of the acne and the cause related to it. It conveys a message to the affected individual. Therefore, acne on chin means that you have a food allergy or that you are on a poor diet basically.

Chin acne Jawline Acne Causes home remedies

Causes for Acne on Chin and Acne on Jawline:

Why does someone have an Acne Problem? Here are some general reasons for pimples on chin and jawline.

  • Dirt 
  • Excess oil 
  • Presence of dead skin cells
  • Improper diet
  • Physical problem
All of the above easily encourage bacterial growth and hence, cause breakouts or pimples on the skin. It commonly occurs in women who are in the age group of 15 – 35 years.

Let us go little deeper on the causes of acne on chin now.

Chin acne causes:
  • Generally, pimples on the skin might relate to small intestine issues and specifically to diet. So, changes in your diet can easily help you to deal with chin breakouts and jawline breakouts.
  • Another main reason to consider for pimples on chin and jawline is hormonal imbalance that results in breakouts during your puberty, menstrual cycle, menopause or pregnancy. Chin on acne during pregnancy, menstrual cycle and puberty are quite common now due to definite harmonal changes.
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome might be a reason for acne on chin and jawline. If you have PCS, it is good to consult a gynecologist doctor very soon. Once the root problem is corrected, you can easily get rid of pimples on chin and jawline.
  • Nervousness, Stress and Anxiety - Dealing with these things have become a challenge now for people and they are also the causes for chin acne and jawline acne. Some people will get stressed more when they want to avoid stress. Normal stress cannot be avoided. So, do not try to stress yourself more on any problem. But if you put yourself on more stress to avoid stress completely, you will become stressed more. Dealing with stress is like an art that you cannot master suddenly. Take your time and learn how to deal with day to day stresses. Once you start practicing it, dealing with stress problems become quite easy for you. Also, the resultant problems like acne on chin, pimples on jawline can be easily solved.
  • Hypothalamic Amenorrhea - This is another medical reason for chin acne. Consult your doctor to correct the root problem.
  • Excess intake of coffee/alcohol - Many people are really addicted to coffee and tea. Most of them are well aware about the side effects of excessive intake of coffee and alcohol. But they do not have self control and it is a serious problem. Though it can be the cause for pimples on chin and jawline breakouts, there will be more serious problems one have to face in case of excessive consumption of coffee and alcohol.
  • Sleep deprivation - This is another serious problem which is faced by many people in this world. Some people get sleep deprivation because of their worries while there are groups of people who change their sleep patterns for unnecessary reasons like entertainment and so on. Changing sleep patterns might lead to sleep deprivation gradually which will become a tough problem for anyone to deal with. One of the minor side effect of sleep deprivation is pimples on chin and breakouts on jawline.
  • Lymphatic System Drainage Issues - It results in toxins accumulating in your body and results in the appearance of acne on the chin and jawline.
  • Usage of Cosmetics - Think twice before you apply lipsticks, lip gloss, lip balms as they are full of chemicals. Try to use make lip balm at home as the store bought ones usually contain chemicals that promote the breakouts on the chin, acne under the chin and pimples around the mouth area. When you consume your food with lip sticks, lip glosses and lip balms, they get into your body easily which will result in medicinal problems.
  • Personal Hygiene Issues - This can be easily taken care but it is you who has to be cautious.
  • Touching your chin with your dirty hands that have bacteria which will result in chin acne and jawline acne.
  • Use of electronics that are not clean like cell phones or some kind of musical instruments can easily result in chin acne and jawline acne. Many people do not care about keeping their cell phones clean and use it for a long time. This will result not only acne on chin and jawline but also lead to many serious problems.
  • Excessive sweating can clog the skin pores.
  • Intake of foods with high glycemic index can result in acne on chin and under chin. So, be careful with your food habit.
  • Smoking is also a major cause for acne and blackheads.

Treatment of Chin Breakouts - Chin Acne Remedies - Home Remedies for acne on chin and jawline breakouts | pimples:

Some people tell that the acne on chin won't go away. It is not true. There are lot of home remedies for chin acne. But you must include changes in your diet too to see visible results in addition to other treatments. Try to understand the root cause and you can easily treat your chin acne with simple home remedies.

  • Avoidance of Dairy Products – Determine the food allergen
If your body rejects certain foods it is automatically excreted out by your skin. Many people are lactose intolerant as their body cannot digest the product. So excessive intake of dairy products in any form like yogurt, cheese, milk or cream can result in acne.

  • Personal Hygiene
A very important aspect is maintain clean hands or anything that reaches your chin or jawline. It can be your cell phones, your musical instruments say the flute. Keep all this either away from our chin or ensure that they are perfectly cleaned. Wash your face at least twice a day with an alcohol free soap.

  • Cleaning pores
Any kind of facial treatments, acne serums containing salicylic acid is good for the skin. One of the key components to look out in these serums and creams is keratolytic beta hydroxyl (BHA) as this penetrates deep in to the pores and eliminates the acne causing bacteria.

  • Check on Hormonal Imbalances
You can always consult a good gynaecologist as they are knowledgeable people who are aware of the hormonal fluctuations that can possibly affect the skin.
To prevent hormonal acne on the chin you can try spironolactone (hormone blocker) or use birth control pills which ensure that the balance of the hormones is restored back.

  • Oral Antibiotics
If you are suffering from itchy and painful acne you can give a shot at oral antibiotics that reduce the inflammation and inhibit the bacterial growth. This should be discussed with your doctor and taken.

  • Healthy Balanced Diet
Healthy balanced diet is something which you have to concentrate on. Include fruits and green leafy vegetables. Avoid foods that have a high glycemic index and make sure you drink lots of water. Intake of sufficient amount of water can help you to treat not only pimples on chin but also many other problems.

  • Regular Exercise and Relaxation
Stress management techniques and relaxation techniques through regular exercise and yoga would be extremely beneficial for treating pimples on chin and jawline breakouts. You will see a wonderful change in your overall body.

Home Remedies for chin on acne, chin breakouts and jawline acne:

Here are some simple home remedies for chin acne | chin breakouts | acne on jawline.

  • Steaming Process
Steaming gets rid of the dead skin cells, dirt and the white cells that eventually turn into pimples. It also open’s the pores making it easy to clean with only a cotton pad.

  • Cloves
Clove oil is an excellent remedy to treat chin acne and jawline acne.  Else you can boil cloves in water. Allow it to cool and make it into a smooth paste and apply on the affected area. Leave for around 15 minutes and the wash with cold water.

  • Sandalwood Powder
Make a face pack by mixing sandalwood powder, yogurt and besan along with a few drops of lime juice. Apply this face mark and you would observe the difference in no time.

  • Honey
Massage honey on the affected area and after 15 minutes rinse with milk and cold water.

Hope the above information is useful for you to deal with chin acne, pimple on chin and jawline breakouts and would enable you to show off your flawless skin to the world in no time!

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