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I was thinking about starting this 'Home Sweet Home' series for a long time. Some products which I have at home really impress me a lot and I always wanted to record it on the blog. In this new series, you will find useful information about the products which I am using at home. I hope each and every post will be helpful for someone in some time. Have you already subscribed to the free newsletter? If not, please do to get new post updates directly in your inbox. Let me start with my favorite indoor water fountain which I got as an advance birthday gift from my beloved sister.

Ganesha Water Fountain

I always love to add new decor items at my home. In the same time, I have to agree that it is not possible to keep everything in right place when we have little kids at home. However, it is quite difficult to refrain me from buying certain decor products. One such product is an indoor water fountain.

Water Fountains for home 

I have placed it in my guest bedroom currently as my kid's very little naughty kids come to play at home very frequently:) But this didn't stop me from buying this beautiful Ganesh Water fountain when I saw it in Lifestyle Store located in Phoenix Mall, Velachery, Chennai. If you can place it in your living room, I am sure that everyone will be attracted by this beautiful water fountain. I will move it to my living room when my kid and his friends grow up:)

Product Information:

MRP - Rs.3,995
Offer Price - Rs.2,395
Imported by - Lifestyle  International Private Ltd.

Indoor Water Fountain

Is Investing in an indoor water fountain really worth?

The answer is yes for the reasons mentioned below.
  • According to Vaastu Shastra and Feng Shui(ancient Chinese Interior design science), running water is considered as a great asset to the home. It is being recommended to place it in North/North East.
  • It is very soothing and relaxing. It brings visually calming effect.
  • Uplifts the home decor instantaneously.
  • No wastage of water. We have to fill a small water tank located at the bottom of the water fountain in most of the cases. I was suggested to change water only twice a week. 
  • Pocket-friendly.
  • It is a one-time investment. Yes, you have to invest when it is broken. But the chances are rare and it is in your hands.
  • Most of the indoor water fountains come with a motor that can be easily replaced. But you have to ensure about it before buying.
  • It does not consume more power if it can work with power supply too. Fountains which work only with batteries might hit your pocket.

Indoor Water Fountain Review

Thinks to keep in mind while buying Indoor Water fountain:

  • Check the input of the water fountain. Some fountains work only with the batteries. If it can work with power supply too, then it is great and recommended. Check the wire length.
  • Check whether it has LED light installed. It will look better and definitely add elegance to the water fountain.
  • Check the measurements carefully. Otherwise, you will end up buying a smaller size which might disappoint you.
  • Check whether it comes with a warranty.
  • Most of the indoor water fountains come in a Polyresin material which is breakable. So, keep it away from babies and little kids.
If you have a desire to buy a water fountain, buy it without any second thought. Do not hesitate to spend extra bucks if you can get a bigger water fountain if you do not have space constraint. Even if I switch it off, my kid is switching it on:) I have made a video for you to check out its real performance alive.

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