Preethi Glass Top Gas Stove Review - Blaze 3 Burner Model

Preethi Glass Top Gas Stove Review - Blaze 3 Burner Model:

I was tired of answering people who asked me why I had not upgraded to a glass top stove as soon as I moved to my new home. I know that glass top gas stove is highly trending now and people are not looking back to stainless steel gas stove. It certainly looks better than traditional stainless steel stoves and adds an awe factor to your kitchen. Though glass top gas stove can uplift the decor of any kitchen, we should think from safety perspective too before choosing the right glass top gas stove.

Recently I moved to a Preethi Glass top gas stove. The model name is 'BLAZE'. 

Preethi Glass top Gas Stove Review 3 Burner -  Preethi BluFlame Blaze 

It is a stylish 3-burner stove. MRP is Rs.7,925. But you can buy in reduced price both offline and online.

Preethi Glass top Gas Stove Review 3 Burner Price -  Preethi BluFlame Blaze

After hearing few stories about glass top stoves are shattering, I was afraid to buy a glass top stove. Also, I had no problem with my 2 Burner stainless steel stove. So, it took a long time for me to move to a glass top gas stove. Time had come to change my stove. There was a strong reason behind the move. My kid is upgrading to Senior KG this year and he will be having full-day school. I have to prepare lunch quite early in the morning to pack for him. As my hubby leaves at 6:30 AM for work, it will be only me who has to make him ready for the school. 

My mom was telling me to upgrade to a 3-burner stove as it will reduce the total time spent in the kitchen. I had no other way other than getting convinced with her point. It is not an easy job to handle multiple things simultaneously especially in the morning when you have to work without even having breakfast. I felt that buying a 3-burner or 4-burner stove will be a wise decision to handle hectic mornings easily.

When I was talking about this with a close friend, she told me that she has recently purchased a 3-burner Preethi Glass Top stove and it is quite good. She told that she bought it based on the recommendation from her cousin who is using it for quite a long time. 

But the shattering of glass top stoves was bothering me a lot. Luckily I got a chance to talk to a Preethi representative in person. I had a detailed discussion with him about their glass top stove and made sure to clarify all my doubts.

My first question was obviously about the safety of glass top stove. He told that Preethi does not have any history of shattered glass top stove. He also mentioned that their glass top is thermally toughened glass which can withstand up to a temperature of 800-degree centigrade. I found it as quite high when I compared with few other brands which had only 300-350-degree. He told me that normal cooking never reaches 800-degree temperature even if we cook for a prolonged time.

I searched the net for a reliable source to understand what does the thermally toughened glass mean.

Here is what I found,

If there is a breakage in thermally toughened safety glass, it fractures into numerous small pieces, the edges of which are generally blunt.


The rep has also mentioned the below precautionary tips that need to be followed by everyone who uses a glass top stove to avoid shattering.

  • Do not place a hot or cold object(item, vessel or anything else) directly on the glass top. If we continue this for long term, there is a chance for cracking and shattering.
  • Do not use the stoves as Tandoor.
  • Do not keep any inverted kadai or similar type of vessels on the top of the glass which extinguish the flame. It should be strictly avoided.

These points have been mentioned in the Preethi Glass top gas stove manual also. Not everyone might be aware of this point until they read the manual carefully.

Okay. I was convinced to go for a glass top stove after doing a considerable research about the Preethi glass top stove. 

Preethi is not new either to me or my family. Almost all of us are using Preethi mixer grinder at home. Whenever I buy a wedding gift, I give preference to Preethi Mixer grinder as it highly durable. Certainly, it is one of the best brands available in India. As there are different models available in different price ranges, it is easy for me to choose the one based on my budget for gifting purposes. Gifting a kitchen appliance is a very good option as they will remember you every single day! Since I know about the brand very well, I chose the Preethi brand.

Preethi Glass Top Gas Stove Review - Blaze 3 Burner Model:

I already spent a considerable amount of my cooking time with my new Preethi Glass Top Gas Stove. It is time to write a review about it. 

It is super stylish first of all. There is no doubt in it. Apart from being a style icon, Preethi Glass Top Gas stove comes with certain significant features which I came to know after talking with the rep. I have listed them below for your reference.

Preethi BluFlame Blaze

Highlights of Preethi Glass Top Gas Stove 3 Burner Blaze:

Preethi Glass top Gas Stove Review 3 Burner Review

  • Thermally toughened glass which can withstand up to a temperature of 800-degree centigrade. I confirmed this with the Preethi representative.
  • Saves the gas a lot. It gives extra 5 days per cylinder when compared to other glass top gas stove models.
  • Comes with 1 Small, 1 Big and 1 Super Big burners. 2 Burner models come with 1 Small and 1 Big burners. 4-burner model comes with 1 small, 2 big and 1 Super big burners.
  • Heavy Brass Burner that can help you to cook faster. The rep mentioned that their burners weigh at least 40-50 grams more than the other burners. Using heavy brass burners also helps to avoid gas wastage.

    Preethi Glass top Gas Stove 3 Burner -  Preethi BluFlame Blaze

  • Removable Drip Tray - Preethi was the first one to introduce removable drip tray in the glass top gas stove range. My old stainless steel stove also has a removable drip tray. It is quite helpful in cleaning the mess that gets created due to spilling, overboiling etc. This feature is not available in many glass top gas stoves.
  • The thickness of the glass top is 7 mm. So, it is long-lasting and heat resistant.
  • The leg is made of natural rubber which does not get damaged easily like other stoves.
  • The pan support is made of Vitreous Enamel that prevents rust formation. It is water resistant and does not peel off.
  • Comes with a long lasting Night Glow Sturdy Switch Knob that helps your job easier during the night time when you do not want to disturb others with harsh lights at night time.
  • Comes with an LPG gas lighter holder. I like this feature very much as I waste more time in searching for the lighter frequently.
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty. 
  • Lifetime free service. For gas stoves and wet grinders, Preethi provides onsite support. They come to the home for service. We do not need to carry all the way to the service center.

How Preethi Glass top gas stove is more efficient in saving gas?

This is another important question I asked the Preethi representative. Below are the answers from him.

  • Number and size of the holes in the burners are tested for efficiency. They are chosen optimally to save the gas.
  • The gap between the vessel and the burner is optimized to reduce the cooking time. 
  • The thickness of the glass top is 7 mm. They have optimized the thickness for maximum efficiency after testing with different thickness.
  • All the Preethi Blu Flame stoves are coming with optimized jet size that improves the efficiency of the stove by mixing the correct proportion of gas and air. 
  • The gas mixing tube is finished with heavy duty Aluminium material that is machine die-casted for better efficiency. It is also ensured that there is no shaking.

Tips to save more gas:

  • Do not boil the milk immediately after taking from the freezer. Allow it to attain liquid state before boiling.
  • It is easy to save more gas if you can close the pan with a lid whenever possible.
  • Metals such as stainless steel with copper bottom help to save more gas.
  • Dry the utensils before placing them on the burner.
  • Maintain shiny outer surfaces of utensils.
  • Always add only the required amount of water. Adding more water and then evaporating it consumes more gas and the food loses the nutrients unnecessarily. The taste of the food also gets affected.
  • Always use a wider pan to cover the entire flame. It is good to avoid the flames touching the sides of the utensil. It is a waste.
  • Once the curry/gravy starts boiling, turn it to a low flame that is required to maintain boiling. Excess heat is unnecessary.
  • Switch off the gas stove after cooking to avoid any chance of wastage due to small leaks.
  • Check the regulator, pipes, burner for leaks regularly. Apart from saving gas, you can also ensure the safety.

Final Verdict:

I am quite happy with my Preethi Glass top gas stove. There is no doubt that it can make your kitchen more stylish with its beautiful look. With the thermally toughened glass that is highly heat resistant, Preethi glass top gas stove is a good choice from the safety point of view. 

Preethi Glass top Gas Stove Review 3 Burner Manual

You can also save more gas with Preethi glass top gas stove as each and every part is optimized to save more gas. With skyrocketing gas price and subsidy removals, we cannot take this as a simple feature that can be easily ignored. 
Mostly we don't change few home appliances frequently. The gas stove is one such appliance. It is always good to invest in the right appliance. Compare the features on your own and choose your appliance. 


  • Always buy from a reliable dealer.
  • If you find any issue with the stove, always reach the customer care for right service. Do not get it serviced by a local person. This is my recommendation.

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