Hair spa treatment - How to do hair spa at home for dry hair and hair fall problems

Hair spa treatment at home step by step procedure - How to do hair spa at home for dry hair, hair fall, and damaged hair:

Hair spa at home has a lot of benefits more than you think. Though the procedure takes more time, the actual effort you have to put in is quite easy like any other simple hair care treatment. Hair spa treatment at home is a series of steps aiming to repair your damaged hair and maintaining the overall health of your hair without spending too much in the parlor. Hair spa at parlor might look less stressful as you have someone else to work on your hair spa and you can just sit and relax. Hair spa at home requires you to be active and do everything from scratch yourself . Well, that is not as difficult as you think. It is just simple and easy to do good hair spa at home. The another great thing about doing hair spa at home is you can prefer using natural products instead of loading your hair with chemicals. Treating the hair with chemicals frequently might do harm in the long run.

Hair spa has now become the latest trend in hair care and you can see quite a lot of hair spa centers get opened in the cities. What is hair spa all about? Hair spa is a basically a hair conditioning treatment that helps in repairing the damaged hair. The damage may be anything due to the sun or breakage of hair. Doing hair spa will condition the hair by giving the required amount of nutrients and thus avoid breakage. Including hair massaging treatment will give a great relaxation and rejuvenates the hair. Most of the hair spa kits have protein as the main nutrient.

Hair spa treatment at home step by step for dry hair, hair fall and benefits

Hair spa is not something easily affordable by everyone in salons. Yes, hair spa can cost you more than you think when you go for a good professional hair spa in which high-quality products are used which are just more expensive. While the spa centers are charging you a lot of amount for this hair spa, we can give a try doing hair spa at home. The process of doing hair spa at home is really simple and all you need is just patience.  In this article, we are giving step by step procedure on how to do hair spa at home.

Hair spa treatment - How to do hair spa at home:

Basically, you can do hair spa at home with hair spa products that are available in the market. But the products are not pocket-friendly for everyone. The other option is of relying on the natural products that can give you the best treatment for your hair within your reach. 

Let’s see how to do hair spa at home. Yes, these simple steps will help you do hair spa at home which will really save your wallet and nourish your hair. Now let’s have a detailed look on how to do hair spa process at home.

Hair spa procedure that I follow can be basically classified into 4 steps:
  • Washing your hair if your hair is not clean
  • Massaging
  • Steaming or hot towel treatment
  • Washing your hair again

Please note that this is not a strict procedure that everyone should follow exactly. You can customize yourself according to your hair type, the level of the damage, available time and mainly your preference.

While some prefer, oil massage first, followed by washing and conditioning, applying a series of hair masks, I always keep it simple and easy.

Benefits of hair spa treatment:

Hair spa is very beneficial for your hair. If you can do it regularly, say weekly once, it can do magic to your hair. Hair spa treatment has a lot of benefits and few of them are listed below.

  • Repairs the damaged hair
  • Helps dry hair
  • Helps in stopping hair fall
  • Nourishes the hair
  • Makes the hair shiny
  • Makes the hair silky
  • Makes the hair soft and smooth
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Makes the hair more manageable

Doing hair spa at home has the following benefits:

  • Low cost. 
  • Very easy.
  • You can choose to avoid chemicals.
  • You can customize yourself according to your hair type and preference.
  • You can enrich your hair spa treatment with many ingredients.
  • Very safe.

Hair spa treatment at home step by step procedure - How to do hair spa at home for dry hair, hair fall, and damaged hair:

Hope you are now convinced to do hair spa at home. Come on. Let us see how to do hair spa at home easily.

Hair Spa Treatment step 1 - Washing your hair if your hair is not clean:

Think about using a dish wash gel or soap in a plate which is completely dry and full of food particles. Is it not easy if we can rinse the plate first before scrubbing it off with a soap or gel? The same applies to your hair too. You are the best judge to decide whether you need washing your hair before starting hair spa treatment at home.

How to do Hair spa at home - Natural hair spa treatment

Cleaning your hair is very important if it is quite dirty. It is not required to wash your hair if you feel that your hair is clean enough and not with dirt and dust.

You can shampoo your hair if you think that the hair is not clean. Or else you can just wash the hair without any cleansing products.

Instead of trying the hair spa products in a dirty hair, first, shampoo your hair with mild shampoo or homemade shikakai. Towel dry your hair. 

Dry your hair completely if you are just going to use plain oil for massaging your hair. If you are going to use store-bought hair spa products like loreal hair spa kit or matrix spa kit, it is better to apply on the damp hair itself. You do not need to completely dry your hair. Let it be a damp hair when you begin the hair spa with store-bought hair spa products at home.  Hair spa with those products becomes easy when you do it in a damp hair. Doing hair spa at home with those products on a dry hair is a little bit difficult process and you will feel messy actually during the application. 

Another good thing about washing your hair before doing a hair spa is, you can ensure that your hair is clean before you start doing hair spa treatment. You do not need to mess the hair spa with dust and dirt in an unclean hair. 

Hair Spa Treatment step 2 - Massaging your hair:

The main concept here is applying the hair care product(hair spa product here - be it store-bought or natural), massaging the product throughout your hair and then followed by hot towel treatment or steaming(next step).

Here comes the primary step in which you are going to apply the spa specific products or natural products. If you are using the spa products which you got from the market, you have to apply it according to the manufacturer's instructions.

If you are not going to use readymade hair spa products, you can actually do at home with just oil or homemade mask which helps you do a natural hair spa at home.

Hair spa treatment with Plain oil:

  • Take hair oil and heat it up slightly. It should not be hot and it should be in a warm temperature when you touch it. You can also use sesame oil, coconut oil, olive oil or castor oil. Cold-pressed oils are the best. Very hot oil can damage your scalp.
  • Gently massage the oil so that it goes to the roots and gets absorbed inside. First massage the scalp then towards the end of the hair. Do not forget to care your hair tips. This is where most of the people fail.
  • Do a good hair oil massage for 10-15 minutes. 20 minutes is really good if you have a long and thick hair.

Other Hair spa treatment options:

A mixture of egg white, amla powder, a spoon of castor oil or coconut oil and honey can be a very good option for hair spa when you want your hair spa to be more effective. Honey is optional and uses it only if you like and have used it before. Some people believe that honey can make your hair gray but there are a lot of people who use honey on hair. So, if you are someone who has used honey before, go ahead and honey. Or else you can avoid it.

Hair Spa Treatment steps 3 - Steaming or hot towel treatment:

Now it is the time to do steaming or hot towel treatment to help the oil penetrate deeply into the hair. Do this it at least 7 minutes so that the hair will be steamed well. This will help the oil get absorbed in the hair and the roots.

Steaming method - If you have a steamer at home then you can use the steamer and show your hair in it. I always suggest you heat water in a big pan. Switch it off and use the hot water to take the steam by covering yourself with a blanket as you do the steaming for curing a cold and cough. It is the safest method as most of the commercial steamers come in plastic which is not actually good. Steaming is good for facial care too. The important point here is you should not go for very hot steaming.

Hot towel treatment - Take a soft cotton cloth or towel and dip it in warm water, now squeeze the excess water and wrap the towel covering your hair. Redo it as soon as the towel loses the heat.

I generally do not prefer this treatment as it requires heating the towel with hot water every 2 minutes or so to make sure that the towel is hot. You have to heat the water continously to maintain the temperature of water too.

Hair Spa Treatment step 3 - Washing your hair:

Wash your hair with a mild shampoo or shikakai. Gently massage so that the oil is cleaned. Use lukewarm water or cold water to wash the hair, do not hot water because hot water will damage the roots.

Shampooing - Shampoo your hair with mild shampoo or homemade shikakai.

Conditioning - After the hair wash, apply conditioner only if you wish. You can apply some home- made conditioners or the ones that are available in the shop.

A conditioner will help in repairing the broken hair and give a smooth texture, it also helps in detangling.

Leave the conditioner for 10 minutes and wash it off with a very small quantity of water. You need not apply shampoo again or rub thoroughly in order to completely wash off the conditioner.

Home- made conditioners:

Tea and lemon conditioner: 

Take few tea leaves and add water, bring it to the boil, now switch it off and add lemon juice to it. Apply this conditioner to the hair after shampooing and leave it for 10 minutes and rinse.

You can grind the hibiscus flower and leaves by adding water and apply this syrup to the hair. Leave it for 10 minutes and wash the hair.

Finally, towel dry your hair to complete the hair spa treatment at home.

Home- made hair mask:

If you really do not have time to do a proper hair spa treatment at home regularly, you can try a simple hair mask to keep it healthy when you miss the hair spa treatment routine.

A good hair mask can do wonder for your hair. 

Check out the recipe of fenugreek seeds and neem hair pack made with moong dal, fenugreek seeds, neem, hibiscus leaves, and curd.

You can take avocado, ripe banana and curd as a hair mask and apply on the hair for smooth hair. Apply apple cider vinegar for the hair damage or dandruff problems. Coconut milk for hair is also another good option.

It is better to use a hair mask that is made at home. There are many hair packs available in the beauty store, you can also make use of it in case you cannot use homemade hair masks. It is always better to go with herbal hair packs as the result is good. Apply the mask and leave it for 15 minutes and rinse it off.

The hair mask gives a nourishment to the hair and keeps helps in hair growth. You can try hair inversion method too - inversion method for hair growth.

Hope this article has given you information about how to do hair spa at home easily. You can also now do hair spa treatment at home easily with natural ingredients without any chemicals.
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