5 Wow Gifts for the March Born

Enthusiastic, affectionate and charismatic, March born individuals possess certain outstanding characteristics that distinguish them from others. Celebs like Bryce Dallas Howard, Carrie Underwood and our very own Bollywood beauty Kangana Ranaut, all, exhibit awesome traits of charisma, sensitivity and generosity.

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Several gemstones define the persona of a March born or the Pisceans (as known astrologically). Aquamarine, Moonstone, Amethyst, Blue Topaz and Diamonds are known to suit these individuals. Aquamarine is said to be lucky and is known to bring positivity to the lives. Along with aquamarine, there are other variants like Moonstone, Amethyst, Blue Topaz, and diamonds which suit the March born personas.

If you are a March born too, then we suggest you explore different pieces found at CaratLane.com and choose from an exquisite range of gemstone jewellery and diamond sets to help you celebrate the special month with much more sheen and style.

Aquamarine for the awesome you

With the beautiful blend of blue and green, Aquamarine stones qualify to be one of the most sought-after gems encrusted on precious jewellery. And if you are born in March, you have every right to splurge on Aquamarine jewellery unapologetically. After all, it’s the birthstone for March born beauties. This Aquamarine birthstone pendant from CaratLane is further embellished with diamonds that reflects the charming persona of a Piscean woman.

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Moonstone ring to celebrate your charisma

Enthusiastic March born souls manage to leave a mark in their respective fields because of their futuristic thinking and composed attitude. And, the Moonstone gem is said to further enhance these positive qualities in Pisceans. But, positivity is not the only perk of wearing a Moonstone. You can make an impressive style statement with the same too. Moonstone meets panache with this beautiful ring from CaratLane.com. You can gift it to yourself to celebrate your own poised and powerful self as a Piscean.

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Blue topaz to express your inner beauty

March born individuals are sensitive. But the baggage of emotions may act as a hindrance in their poise. So, they strive towards their own secret to happiness. If your secret to happiness lies in modern and minimalist jewellery, you just need to own this beautiful rose gold necklace that is embellished with blue topaz stones. This beautiful neckpiece will help you express your inner beauty and exuberate your happy self.

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Amethyst ring to admire your compassionate self

Pisceans are sensitive and always ready to serve others in the time of need. Well, this is a part of your Piscean trait that comes without saying. But, we must say you have every right to be compassionate towards yourself at the same time. This glitzy gold ring with amethyst stone not just reflects your compassionate side but also lets you indulge in the love for glitz and glamour.

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Diamonds to hug your forever charm

March born souls seek pleasure in their own sweet company. You prefer staying in your imaginative world that is just bright and beautiful. Nothing matches this beauty better than the dazzling diamonds. So, why not give yourself a wonderful birthday surprise in the form of this exquisite diamond set?

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As the birthday month for the March born arrives, one is tempted to pamper oneself. We suggest you splurge on these precious jewellery pieces and gemstones which will stay with you forever. Choose from the awesome range of jewellery pieces at CaratLane.com to not just bring in positivity but also make an exquisite style statement.
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