Famous types of Salwar Kameez in India

Famous types of salwar kameez in India:

A beautiful salwar suit teamed up with stunning accessories cannot be beaten by anything else. However, there is a common mistake that is done by most of the women is choosing incorrect type of salwar. You should consider your figure to choose the right salwar type for you.  The salwar you choose should complement your figure. In this post, we have shared the most popular types of Indian Salwar suits to help you out in choosing the right salwar type for you. 

Famous types of Salwar Kameez in India:

Straight-cut Salwar Suit:

When you are thinking of wearing that casual and comfortable happy – go – lucky type of appearance, try this style, where the kameez is a simple straight-cut. Any woman can try this salwar this salwar style as it suits almost any woman in India. You can, of course, consider this as a budget-friendly salwar as it requires a lesser quantity of cloth when compared to other Indian salwar types. This is a typical every day wear by the womenfolk of India. Wear it with a designer dupatta and an elegant pair of footwear even if you choose a plain salwar, and you will look just like a royal girl.

Staright cut

A – Line Salwar Suit:

This is one of the traditional styles worn by Indian Ladies from time immemorial. The design is simple. It has a tight fit at the waist and then has a flowing style that has the appearance of “A” in the English alphabet. These suits give you an elegant and gorgeous look – more so when the suit has embellishments in heavy zari or thread work. The latest styles in A – line salwar can also be worn casually to workplaces. They look extremely smart on you as they hug your figure in the upper part and flow down in the lower part. Women with hour-glass shaped body or slim figure can choose this type of salwar suit to compliment your figure.

A line anarkali suit

Anarkali Salwar Suit:

This design comes typically from the pages of history books, where the Turkish and Mughal princesses and queens clothed themselves in these salwar type. The dress is a closely fitted one on the top. From the waist – line the lower part is an assortment of frills or ‘kolis’. The more the number of such frills, the thicker is the lower Ghaghra. The salwar is always a tight fitting ‘churi’ style that clings to your legs like a pair of leggings. The dress is ideal for party wear, as you can have a lot of heavy decorative work done on the kameez.


Women with pear-shaped body can choose Anarkali salwar suit as it will hide your curves very well.

Palazzo Salwar Set:

This is a recent introduction in the Indian fashion market. However, the trend is now sweeping the ladies off their feet. They are elegant and comfortable – can be used both for casual and formal purposes, and can come in various styles. You can have narrow palazzos that look like trousers, or ones with a lot of width, with the appearance of a lehenga divided in the middle and worn like pants. The latter style is a bit outrageous for the casual every day wear but is a hit for weddings and other special occasions. The narrower version, however, goes well everywhere. You can wear a long flowing tight – fitting kameez, buttoned from the neckline and with a slit in the front.


Long Anarkali Styled Salwar Suit:

The simple Anarkali salwar suits go up to a length till the knees. When you go for longer kameez, that covers the entire length of your legs and reach up to the toes, then they are termed as long Anarkali salwar suits. They have the look of a western gown, with a difference in the rich embroidery work near the hemline. These are typically worn in celebrations and can also be used as a wedding dress. The salwar is a narrow, tight - fitting leggings – type one. Worn with a pair of high-heeled shoes, this salwar suit is simply a smashing hit in the party.

If you are tall, you can choose long Anarkali salwar suit without any second thought. Even if you are not tall, you can choose this as it will make you look taller.

Patiala Salwar Suit:

Many people do not know the reason behind the name. The origin of this type of salwar is Patiala, Punjab. Yes, you can see Punjabi women choose this type of salwar for special occasions. The salwar here is specially made with a lot of cloth that is stitched into a dhoti – styled pant with lots of frills, giving it a round look. The kameez worn is typically short in length, reaching till your waist line, so as to accentuate the beauty of the patiala. This can be used both as a casual wear and party wear, which you can wear to college, office, parties, and weddings and even on an outing with friends. 


Tips and Tricks to shine in your salwar:

If you feel salwar as a boring costume, you should invest in a good lipstick, kajal, mascara, nail polish, stylish accessories, foot wear and perfume to pep up your look. In this summer, do not choose a heavy salwar as it will make you feel tired very soon. Without accessories, you will not at all feel complete. You do not need to invest a lot in accessories. A good pair of earrings, bangles and chain are good enough. A dash of innovation is what we need to look like a star.

Hope you got a good idea on popular types of Indian salwar suits. Keep trying different types of salwar suits to find out the best one which suits you the most.
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