Portable AC In India

Portable AC India:

Due to the ever increasing heat waves, people are trying many ways to get away from the summer season and only air conditioners can serve this purpose. As we already know there are two types of air conditioners namely window air conditioner and split air conditioner but these two air conditioners require assistance for installation and incur service and maintenance cost which are not desired by most of the bachelor tenants. Hence people are finding ways to mitigate these cost and dependence thus by looking for an air conditioner that is portable and easy to install.

Portable AC will allow you to shift it to any location wherever the user needs it to be installed. People who do not require permanent installation and has small sized rooms can prefer portable Air conditioner. People will prefer portable Air conditioner as it can be relocated from one room to another room and it does not require a huge maintenance cost.

If you are living as a family and thinking of buying a portable AC for your home, then you need to give a second thought to your decision. Portable AC is definitely a good option if you are staying in a rented home as a bachelor and the owner is not providing you AC option. Even some owners do not allow you to install AC in the house even if you are willing to buy on your own as there need to be some installations done and need some a big drilling. Hence owners might hesitate you to allow to install AC even if it is on your own. However, if you are residing in an area where summer is really horrible and not allowing to sleep, you might need to buy an AC for your use. In that case, Portable AC is your answer. It is not easy to see Portable AC in India. The cost is really high and equivalent to normal Split ACs but the advantage is not so much as Split ACs. As I have said earlier, Portable AC in India can be seen only in specific kind of usages.

Even for domestic purposes, we can still see some uses of Portable AC in India. For example, you have a split AC installed in your master bedroom. Some of you might feel like having AC wherever you go like while watching tv, working in your office room, reading in a study room, cooking in your kitchen and so on. Obviously, installing split or normal AC in all rooms is not really affordable for everyone. In this case, Portable AC is your answer. You can have normal AC in the primary rooms like master bedrooms. You can have an additional Portable AC just for the portability.

Portable AC is a self-contained portable system used for cooling single rooms. This AC can be placed on the floor and it also comes with the installation kit which the users themselves can set up it quickly. Portable AC mostly comes along with the wheels where it can be used to relocate from one place to the other place than other types of Air conditioners. They are commonly used in bedrooms, dens, computer rooms, garages and many other places.

Requirements of this device may vary based on the models but its set up is very quick and painless when compared to normal AC and Split ACs. As the major functionality of Portable ACs is to remove warm air and moisture as they cool, the air needs to be exhausted out to another location generally outside through an included window kit. These kits have a window slider and exhaust hose which can easily be set up to exhaust warm air outside. Select models can also be vented into a drop ceiling or through a wall. Once this exhaust hose and window kit are set up, the portable AC can be plugged in and it starts cooling the room.

Portable conditioner available in India has several features and the user should choose it accordingly that suit their needs. Some Portable AC in India comes usually with air purifying and odor removing features. People usually prefer air conditioners that are given the five-star rating but some portable Ac offers a dehumidifying mode for extracting moisture from the air. It has automatic water evaporation endowed with fuss-free self-evaporative features.

There are many ways of how the condensate water is being dealt by this portable AC and they are fully self –evaporative model which advanced portable ACs automatically evaporates moisture out the exhaust hose along with the warm air. Gravity drain and condensate pump where it attaches the hose to the drain port and direct water into a drain or another location and manual removal which has buckets that need to be emptied periodically as often as every 8 hours to just once a month. Depending on the humidity and time of use, water will collect inside the unit and you have to simply turn it off, empty the bucket and then replace it before cooling starts again.

Similar to other types of Air conditioners, portable AC is measured in BTUs. The more BTUs of cooling power a PAC has, the more room it can cool.  Most Portable AC in India use typical household 115/120 volt power and require not a painful wiring or outlets. Air conditioners will draw a significant amount of energy but it must be used with caution not to overload a circuit with multiple high-energy consumptions. Some of the higher BTU PACs may or may not require special outlets and wiring.

Some of the portable Ac in India are cruise 1 Ton which costs around 23,500, cruise 1 Ton CRP-H- that costs around 27,000, AMFAH 1 Ton AMF- which costs around 32,490, Lloyd portable AC costing around 23,690 etc.

Below are some of the popular Portable AC in India.


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