Top 10 Best Semi Automatic Washing Machine In India 2018

Top 10 Semi-Automatic Washing Machines
It is a well known fact that machines is being invented to make the world a easier place to live in. Invention of the Washing machine came as a boon to Indian women who dreaded laundry time every day. The washing machine made it easier for the women to do everyday laundry. But now with many semi automatic machines in the market which is already very budget friendly, it is much more of a boon to women who can just set the control of the machine as per their convenience and the machine itself will do the rest of the work for us! Due to this ease factor, semi-automatic machines refuse to fade in popularity. Here is a listing of top 10 semi-automatic machines in the Indian market.

1. Panasonic 6.5 kg Semi Automatic Top Load Washing Machine:

Model No: NA-W65B2RRB

Colour: Red

Design: This machine looks very chic with smooth edges and a large translucent lid. The control panel is compact and featured with chrome knobs. The anti-rust body of this machine makes it durable while also eliminating the danger of electric shocks.

Performance: the capacity of this washer is 6.5kgs which gives ample space to wash for a medium sized family in one cycle. It comes equipped with a lint filter which removes all the lint from the clothes.

Features: this machine is equipped with an auto soak option which lets the user soak the clothes before the wash cycle begins. It also comes with a 2 wash facility which allows clothes to be washed in different stages of the cycle and a powerful central shower which thoroughly rinses the clothes with greater intensity. The integrated buzzer feature swiftly indicates when the wash cycle is complete. A spin only function is also available if the user wants to remove excess from wet clothes.
Power: this machine consumes approximately 400 watts of power.

Price (MRP) : 9,990/-

2. GEM 6.2 kg Semi Automatic Top Load Washing Machine:

Model No: GWM-620GA

Colour: Red

Design: Compact design with twin tubs. The body of this machine is made with ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic which protects the appliance from rusting, shock resistant and durability.
Performance: capacity of this machine is 6.2kgs and spin speed is 1420rpm which ensures clothes are thoroughly washed.

Features: It has 2 wash modes and pulsator technology for washing.

Power: Consumes 350 Watts of power.

Price (MRP) : Rs.7,490/-


3. LG 7.2 kg Semi Automatic Top Load Washing Machine:

Model No: P8239R3SA

Colour: Burgundy


This twin tub machine comes with a rust-free plastic body which is durable and efficient. It has large capacity of 7.2kgs. this machine’s body is covered with a chemical coating which repels rats and other insects.


It has a built-in roller jet pulsator which increases the friction applied to clothes. It comes with one main pulsator and 3 mini pulsators which creates powerful water streams. It has 3 different wash programs – Strong, Normal & Gentle. It also comes with a soaking and lint filter feature.
The wind jet dry technology removes moisture from wet clothes by incorporating air during spinning. This machine also has a one-of-a-kind collar scrubber which removes dirt from shirt collars easily and a buzzer to indicate the end of a wash cycle.

Power: 460 Watts

Price (MRP): Rs.13,590/-

4. LG 6.8 kg Semi Automatic Top Load Washing Machine:

Model No: P7853R3SABG

Colour: Burgundy


This semi-automatic top load machine has a capacity of 6.8kgs and comes in a durable plastic body.

Features: The features of this machine are very similar to LG Model No. P8239R3SA machine. This machine is also equipped with a roller jet pulsator, punch + 3 pulsator, 3 wash programs, 25 minutes soak option, lint filter, collar scrubber, wind jet dry and a buzzer. However this machine comes at a much more affordable price and good EMI offer with all these features added.
Power: 360 Watts
Price(MRP): Rs.12,890/-

5. Godrej 6.2 kg Semi Automatic Top Load Washing Machine:

Model No: GWS 6203 PPD Twin Tub

Colour: White

Design: comes with twin tubs and is covered with transparent lid making it look classy. The body of this machine is built with poly propylene material which enhances the durability.
Performance: with a decent capacity of 6.2kgs it allows to wash moderate quantity of clothes.
Features: this machine uses Optima Water Force technology which efficiently washes and removes all the dirt. It is integrated with 2 wash programs along with spin shower which ensures the clothes are washed well and dried as well. A buzzer and lint filter is equipped in this machine too.

Power: 350 watts

Price (MRP): Rs.9,500/-

6. Whirlpool 6.5 kg Semi Automatic Top Load Washing Machine:

Model No: ACE 6.5 Supreme Plus

Colour: Peppy Purple, Tulip Pink


This machine has got a stylish look to it and comes with a multi-utility tray and work surface which helps clean clothes. An extendable spin lid is there which can be pulled out to keep items on it temporarily.


Integrated with 3 wash programs and a lint filter. This machine is equipped with a dynamic soak feature, spin shower and max dry functions for a more efficient washing and drying experience.
Performance: capacity of this machine is 6.5kgs and this machine utilizes the impeller wash system to get rid of dirt effectively.

Power: 350 Watts

Price (MRP): Rs.11,400/-

7. Videocon 7.5 kg Semi Automatic Top Load Washing Machine:

Model No: Zaara Royale VS75Z11

Colour: Ebony black

Design: Design: this machine has got a glossy finish with decorative knobs (control panel) and a black transparent lid.

Feature: It has a pentafin pulsator which creates a water whirl mixing the detergent and water effectively. This machine has a unique feature known as Centre Fall Spin Shower Rinsing which spreads water flow evenly and also rinses the clothes completely providing detergent free clothes in every wash. This machine also comes with auto soak option, collar scrubber, buzzer and air dry options. The lint filter in this machine is named as Magic Filter.

Performance: Capacity of 7.5kgs with a 4 wash program to suit various washing needs.

Power: 380 Watts

Price(MRP): Rs.11,990/-

8. Videocon 6 kg Semi Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

Model No: Typhoon Plus WM VS60B11-DM

Colour: Dark Maroon


Twin tub washing machine with a germ free anti-rust plastic body. The operations panel in this machine is easy which comes with deco knobs.


This machine uses an anti-bacterial technology which keeps the clothes as well as the machine clean from germs and bacteria. It has 3 washing modes, collar scrubber, lint filter and 2 wash tub scrubber. There is a built-in water level over flow indicator which prevents the user from adding too much or too little water. This machine also releases air bubbles into the water which then penetrates deep into the clothes in order to remove tough stains and dirt. It also has a special water system with nozzles which circulate water into the drum at 360 degrees which ensures deep penetration of detergent into clothes. A built-in aqua filter converts hard water into soft water hence improving the quality of water which protects the life of the washing machine and does not damage the clothes.

Performance: with a capacity of 6 kgs (ideal for small families) this machine works on a multi pulsator system and also has the Centre Fall Spin Shower Rinsing function.

Power: 340 watts

Price(MRP): Rs.8,642/-

9. Sansui 6 kg Semi Automatic Top Load Washing Machine:

Model No: WMSS60AS-CMA

Colour: Chocolate Maroon


This washing machine’s lid is designed to open and close easily without making any noise. It also has a tempered glass window which aids easy viewing and it is also very durable and resistant to scratches and damage. Control Panel is ergonomically designed on the right side for convenience of operation. The design of spin lid is such that it fully covers the timers and knobs when wet clothes are transferred from the Wash Side to the spin side.

Feature: this machine is equipped with a wash lid tray, pulsator with multiple rotors, castor wheels and anti-vibration pads, integrated handles on both sides, a dedicated sink to hand-wash delicate clothes and a built-in water jet.


There is one main pulsator and 4 small rotors and each rotor creates individual turbulence. The collective turbulence of the main and small pulsator together creates a high intensity turbulence which is much more effective in removing dirt and stains.

Power: 390 Watts

Price(MRP): Rs.8,000/-

10. LG 7.5 kg Semi Automatic Top Load Washing Machine:

Model No: P8539R3SM

Colour: Dark Grey


Rust-free plastic body with twin tub design. This machine also comes with 360-degree wheels which allow easy mobility and rotation in any direction. This also comes with a chemical coating of rat repellent which keeps rats at bay.


The features of this machine are roller jet pulsator, 3 wash programs, soak function, lint filter, collar scrubber, buzzer and wind jet dry options. This machine also has cold water inlet feature.

Performance:  Has a large capacity of 7.5kgs

Power: 410 Watts

Price(MRP): Rs.14,340/-

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