Cabbage Soup Diet - Do you know the facts about it?

Cabbage Soup Diet - Do you know the facts about it:

Today I am into health section. I was researching about popular weight loss diets and cabbage soup diet got into my eyes. There are lot of diets for weight loss available all over the world. I have already shared my experience with GM diet and GM diet 7 days plan for weight loss. Now, I am going to introduce cabbage soup diet here. Choose this diet if you have any special occasion coming up or you simply need to lose weight. Note that it will not give you long term results.

What is Cabbage Soup Diet:

Cabbage soup diet is again a 7 day weight loss plan with heavy consumption of cabbage soup of low calorie. The diet is intended to lose 4.5 kg per week. It is a low fat and high fiber diet.

Cabbage Soup Diet Chart for weight loss:

As far as I researched, the diet plan is same as GM 7 days diet plan except that you have to include cabbage soup everyday. All others remain the same.

Criticism on Cabbage Soup Diet:

  • Diet is suitable only for temporary weight loss and not permanent one.
  • Most of the weight loss is only water and not fat
  • Amount of calories you get while on the diet is not safe. It is dangerously low. You will only get 800-1050 calories per day instead of 1200 daily recommended value.
  • Does not provide enough protein
  • High in Sodium
  • Cabbage Soup Diet Plan:

I always recommend  checking with your doctor about your physical fitness before going on any weight loss program aiming at losing weight very fast. So, it is you to decide whether to go on this diet or not. If you want to maintain the results you get from Cabbage soup diet, you have to maintain a balanced healthy diet even after the 7 days diet. I will post the recipe of cabbage soup soon.

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