Kalonji Benefits, Kalonji Seeds, Kalonji Oil, Karunjeeragam, Kala Jeera Uses

Kalonji Benefits | Kalonji Seeds | Kalonji Oil | Karunjeeragam | Kala Jeera | Black Jeera Uses For Health, Hair, Face, and Skin:

Kalonji is called as Karunjeeragam in Tamil. It is called Kala Jeera or Black Jeera in Hindi. Black Jeera has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, anti-fungal, antioxidant, anti-histamine and anti-aging properties. With these numerous properties, Kalonji seeds or Karunjeeragam is considered as one of the healing ingredients for many diseases. According to history, the Prophet Muhammed (Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam) described Kalonji or Black Jeera as a cure for every disease except death.

Kalonji seeds, commonly known as black seeds are obtained from the plant Nigella sativa which is an annual flowering plant. The flowers are white or light blue in color and the plant is a shrub reaching 1.5 to 2 feet in height. The plant bears the black caraway fruit which contains numerous of these kalonji seeds. These black jeera seeds have several other names like black cumin, black caraway, nigella seeds, nutmeg flower and fennel flower. It is black in color and triangular in shape measuring 2 to 3 mm. It is found to have originated in Asia and the Middle East and was used as a herb for its various medicinal properties. About 2000 years ago, the kala jeera seeds were used to treat headache, toothache, pink eye, nasal congestion, and skin infections. With the development of science, research shows innumerable benefits the kala jeera seeds provide.

Kalonji seeds Kalonji Oil Karunjeeragam Benefits

Kalonji | Black seed Names in different Indian Languages like Tamil, Malayalam:

Kalonji | Black seeds in Tamil - Karunjeeragam or Karuppu Jeeragam
In English - Black cumin seeds, Nigella Seeds
in Malayalam - Karutta Jeeragam
Bengali - Kalo Jeera
Telugu - Nalupu Jeeragara
Kannada - Karuppu Jirige
Hindi - Kala Jeera, Kalonji
Marati - Kala Jeera
Punjabi - Kale Jeera

Kalonji seed goes by several common names, one of which is Black seed. Its scientific name is Nigella sativa and comes from a shrub. The plant bears fruits which contain several of these seeds. The black jeera seeds have been in use for thousands of years both in medicines and in culinary. The  Kalonji seeds are black, triangular and measures 2 to 3 mm in length. Kalonji is rich in Vitamin A, B1, B2, C, potassium, sodium, iron, magnesium, proteins, zinc, carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, essential amino acids and several minerals. Its seeds are used directly as well as in powdered form. Kalonji oil is extracted by cold-compressing the black jeera seeds and is found to be 35% more concentrated than the black jeera seeds itself.

Kalonji Seeds | Karunjeeragam | Kala Jeera for Cold:

Take 1 tsp of Karunjeeragam and powder it in a mixie. Keep the kalonji powder in a clean cloth. Tie it and use it as an inhaler for the cold. It can comfort you during the cold.

Kalonji Seeds | Karunjeeragam | Kala Jeera  for Head-ache:

Powder the kalonji seeds in a mixer with little water and make a coarse paste. Apply this kalonji paste on the forehead to treat headache.

Kalonji Seeds | Karunjeeragam | Kala Jeera  for Indigestion:

Mix 1/4 tsp of Karunjeeragam powder or Kalonji powder with curd or milk and consume it twice a day. You can grind Kalonji seeds in a mixer and make a powder. You can also add coriander powder whem you consume it with milk or curd.

Kalonji Seeds | Karunjeeragam | Kala Jeera  Uses for Asthma:

Thymoquinone, a component found in black seeds is found to relieve asthma and freeing the airway according to a study performed on animals. Another human study, black seeds were boiled in water and the intake of the strained black seed water was found to show an anti-asthmatic effect on the airways.

Kalonji Seeds | Karunjeeragam | Kala Jeera  Uses for reducing cholesterol level:

Studies have shown a sporadic decrease in cholesterol in persons with high cholesterol level. While it does not have a significant effect, it is suitable for people with high cholesterol.

Kalonji Seeds | Karunjeeragam | Kala Jeera  Uses for Diabetes: 

Kalonji seeds is very good for diabetes people. It is found that Karunjeeragam reduces sugar levels in type 2 diabetes.

According to the study “Effect of Nigella sativa seeds on the glycemic control of patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus.”, Consuming two grams of nigella seeds every day showed reduced glucose and insulin resistance.

Kalonji Seeds | Karunjeeragam | Kala Jeera  uses to fight against tumor:

Black seed extracts are found to have anti-microbial and anti-tumor properties. When cancer cells are formed, the immune system is switched into gear and triggers the immune cells, B cells, and bone marrow cells to produce antibodies. The black seed extract was found to boost the immune cells that are dormant in the bone marrow cells to fight against potential cancer-causing infection. It is found to be effective against aggressive tumors according to a study.

Karunjeeragam | Kala Jeera | Kalonji seeds for Weight Loss and Obesity:

Kalonji is rich source of Fiber. It also has an antioxident enzyme called Nigellone. As Nigellone can break the fat cells and supress the weight accumulation in the body, Kalonji or Karujeeragam is very good for weight loss.

There was a study conducted to find out the efficacy of Kalonji in central obese men on serum free testosterone, body weight, waist circumference, lipid, uric acid, blood sugar, hs-CRP,adiponectin. The result showed the effectiveness of Kalonji for weight loss.

Complaints related to central obesity disappeared in first week in the treatment group. They had a significant reduction in body weight, waist circumference and many more benefits. There was also no side effects of Kalonji seeds detected. Hence Kalonji seeds are very good for weight loss. Source  of the study information - http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20724766

A study of 20 obese women over 8 weeks with aerobic training was made. This study was conducted to find out the effectiveness of kalonji seeds for weight loss. 10 of them were given extracts of black seeds and the rest were given Placebo. At the end of 8 weeks, women who took the black seeds extract and underwent aerobic exercise showed lower cholesterol, reduced low-density lipoprotein and reduced BMI (Body Mass Index). They showed increased consumption of oxygen which is pertinent for reducing weight and they were found to have lost fat and gained muscle. This was not the case with the other women.

Hence, you can rely on kalonji seeds for weight loss.

How to use Kala Jeera or Kalonji seeds for weight loss?

Mix 3-5 grams of Kalonji seeds or Karunjeeragam in warm water and consume it regularly. You can also lose more weight if you can have honey and lemon juice.

Karunjeeragam | Kala Jeera | Kalonji Seeds Benefits for Arthritis:

Studies show that black cumin seeds have anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antipyretic and antirheumatic properties. Inflammation in joints and muscles causes arthritis. Studies show that taking black seeds extract reduces stiffness and pain in the joints.

Karunjeeragam | Kala Jeera | Kalonji Seeds Benefits for Epilepsy:

According to the study, “The effect of Nigella sativa L. (black cumin seed) on intractable pediatric seizures” in 2007, reduced seizure activity was found in children who took black seeds water extract.

Karunjeeragam | Kala Jeera | Kalonji Seeds Uses for H. Pylori infection:

Helicobacter pylori is a common bacteria found in the majority of the world’s population. However, in some, it can cause ulcers and support gastric cancers. The treatment for this bacteria is “triple therapy” where 2 antibiotics and 1 acid-blocker are prescribed. According to a study in 2010, it was found that 2 grams of black seeds along with an acid-blocker are as efficient as the triple therapy.

Karunjeeragam | Kala Jeera | Kalonji Seeds Uses for  high blood pressure:

A study showed reduced blood pressure levels when the patients took 0.1 to 0.2 grams of black seeds extract twice every day for two months.

How can Kalonji seats be consumed | How to eat Kalonji seeds?

Kalonji seeds can be used to make Kalonji tea by adding a teaspoon full of seeds to hot water. Strain after a few minutes. It can also be added while making your normal cup or tea or coffee. The seeds can be powdered and used in any type of dish or can be sprinkled on salads, curd, milk or gravies.

Uses of Kalonji Oil | Karunjeeragam Oil Benefits for Health, Hair and Skin:

Benefits of Karunjeeragam Oil | Kalonji Oil for Hair:

 Kalonji oil is good for hair growth, hair loss, hair regrowth, baldness and dandruff problems. There are lot of Kalonji oil for hair available in the market. You can buy them from online shopping websites too. It is good to go for cold pressed Kalonji oil for hair.

How to use Kalonji oil for hair?

You can massage Kalonji hair oil directly on your hair scalp and hair strands. Leave it for 2 hours or overnight. Wash your hair next day.

You can also mix Kalonji oil with castor oil, coconut oil or olive oil and apply it on the hair.

Karunjeeragam Oil | Kala Jeera Oil | Kalonji oil for head ache:

To cure the headache, rub the oil on the temples and behind the ears. ½ tsp of Karunjeeragam oil in black tea also gives relief from headache. In the case of migraines, pour a drop of Kalonji oil in the left nostril if the pain is on your right and vice versa. This has to be done with doctor's consultation. Taking Kalonji oil in black tea is said to cure migraines.

Karunjeeragam Oil | Kala Jeera Oil | Kalonji oil for diabetes:

Like the effectiveness of Kalonji seeds for diabetes, Kalonji oil is also good for diabetes. Kalonji oil is found to significantly reduce the blood sugar level. Reduced glucose absorption by intestines is also found.

A study showed reduced blood sugar levels in people with type-2 diabetes who took 2 grams of black seed extract per day.

Diabetics people can add ½ tsp of kalonji oil with their black tea. It is advised to be taken in the morning and evening.

Karunjeeragam Oil | Kala Jeera Oil | Kalonji oil Benefits for asthma:

Nigellone, a component in kalonji oil is found to offer relief to asthma patients by dilating the airway. It contains phytochemicals that offer the same relief as that of the anti-allergic medicines.

Mix 1 tsp of honey and ½ of oil in 1 cup of water and mix well. Take it in the morning and evenings to cure asthma. This treatment is also effective for cough.

Karunjeeragam Oil | Kala Jeera Oil | Kalonji oil Benefits for heart problems:

Kalonji extract is found to lower the blood pressure level and acts as an anti-inflammatory. Inflammation is the cause for heart attacks and arthritis. The oil acts as an anti-coagulant and removes the clots. It also dilates the blood vessels preventing any heart problems.

Karunjeeragam Oil | Kala Jeera Oil | Kalonji oil uses for joint pain:

Kalonji extract is found to have antipyretic, analgesic and anti- rheumatic properties. It relieves the joint pains and reduces stiffness. Mix 1 tsp of honey and ½ of kalonji oil in 1 cup of water. Apply on the joints and areas of pain twice every day.

Benefits of Kalonji oil for cancer prevention:

Kalonji oil has anti-tumor properties and is known to activate the immune system to fight against cancer cells. Research shows shrinkage in cancer cells and prevention of cancer forming cells. Mix ½ tsp of oil in 1 cup of grape juice. It is advisable to take it thrice a day.

Benefits of Kalonji oil for tooth-ache:

Kalonji oil has been used to get relief from tooth pain for the past 2000 years. For pain and swelling, rinse mouth with the mixture of 1 tsp vinegar and ½ tsp kalonji oil.

You can leave a drop of kalonji oil on the damaged tooth. It can be used for bleeding gums, cavities, and weak tooth.

Benefits of  Kalonji oil for weight loss:

A study says that kalonji extract showed reduced cholesterol and reduced BMI in obese women.

How to use Kalonji oil for weight loss?

Mix ½ tsp of Kalonji oil and 2 tsp of honey in 1 cup of lukewarm water. Take it in the morning and evening for weight loss. When this is combined with exercise, the fat turns into muscle build. You can easily lose weight within a week.

Kalonji oil for stomach ache:

Kalonji oil is found to have anti-bacterial roperty and fight against bad bacteria in the stomach. Mix ½ tsp of oil and a pinch of black salt in ½ cup of water. Have it two a day till you get relief. If the problem persists, consult a doctor immediately as stomach ache might be due to different reasons.

Benefits of Kalonji oil for Skin:

Kalonji oil or Karunjeeragam oil is good for clearing pimples and spots on your face. But you have to note that Kalonji oil might cause skin rashes for some people and it is rare. It is better to do spot test before using it regularly. Stop using Kalonji oil on skin if it causes blisters, itching or rashes on your skin.

How to use Kalonji oil for face?

Mix ½ tsp of oil in 1 cup of lime juice and apply on the face. It can also be mixed with vinegar in the same proportion. It cures pimples and makes the skin clear of spots. Apply it in the morning and in the night for good results.

You can also make a paste of Karunjeeragam with cow's milk and apply on your face regularly to get rid of pimples.

Kalonji Seeds and Kalonji oil Side effects:

Kalonji is possibly safe for most of the people when taken in small amounts like seasoning.

Kalonji might result in bleeding disorders and slow blood clotting. It is advisable to stop eating kalonji few weeks before surgery.

Kalonji should not be taken during pregnancy period as it might affect the smooth muslce contraction of the uterus.

According to the Memorial Sloan - Kettering Cancer Center, Kalonji may decrease the efficacy of standard Chemotherapy treatments. They also mention that Kalonji seeds may lower the blood pressure to the point of hypotension.

Another potential side effect of Kalonji seeds is contact dermatitis. It is an adverse reaction to either an allergen or irritant. Some people get red rashes, itching sensation, blistering, pain or tenderness by simply touching Kalonji. It is very rare.

Kalonji might result in indigestion too sometimes. It might cause swelling of the lips, throat or face, breathing difficulty, tingling sensation in mouth, dizziness, hives, nausea, diarrhea, vomitting and abdominal cramping.

Reference: Livestrong

If you are a healthy person, you can take Kalonji seeds limitedly. If you are pregnant, lactating or suffering from any illness, you have to consult doctor before taking Kalonji or Karunjeeragam in your diet.
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