Sabja Seeds | Tukmaria Seeds | Sweet Basil Seeds Uses for hair, skin and health benefits

Sabja Seeds | Tukmaria Seeds | Sweet Basil Seeds Uses for hair, skin and health benefits:

Sabja seeds/Tukmaria seeds/Sweet basil/Thai Basil seeds are known as falooda seeds in our cuisine. They should not be confused with holy basil seeds.

sabja seeds

Add sabja seeds to your favorite sarbath, falooda, rose milk, milk, ice cream or any dessert. Sabja seeds does not add strong flavor but adds lot of nutritional values to the drink and dessert.

Soak the sabja seeds for 30 minutes in water and you can see the sabja seeds become gelatinous or jelly like consistency similar to chia seeds. It swells to a larger size. You can use warm water to speed up the process.

Sabja seeds are rich in many important nutrients like iron, fiber, protein, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, copper and Beta-Carotene.

Initially I did not love the texture it gets when it is soaked in water. So, I avoided it completely. Once I went to a VGP theme park with my family. I got very thirsty as the summer was at its peak. I asked my hubby to buy something for us to fight the thirst. He had bought Falooda from a shop which was located inside the theme park itself. My hubby told that he had to walk so many kilometers to buy it and he was sweating a lot. It was full of sabja seeds and I did not like it. As my hubby put so much effort to get it, I forced myself to have it. Though I did not feel good when I had it, I felt a lot of difference after I had it. It had such a wonderful cooling property which no one can deny. That is why sabja seeds can be seen in most of the coolant drinks especially in summer.

Sabja seeds/Tukmaria seeds/Sweet basil seeds(in English) in various languages:

Scientific Name - Ocimum Basilicum
Tamil - Thiruneetru Pachilai Vithai/Thiruneetru pachai vithai
Hindi - Sabja
Malayalam - Tirunitru
Telugu - Sabja Vittanalu

Sabja seeds/Tukmaria seeds/Falooda seeds for digestion, constipation and piles:

Sabja seeds are very good for digestion as it has carminative properties. So, it is added to variety of drinks, desserts and other food items for easy digestion. It provides relief from flatulence, cramps, indigestion and constipation problems. It helps the body to clean toxin. While holy basil is very good in treating piles, sabja seeds are also believed to help in treating piles.

Have a practice of consuming any drink with falooda seeds after eating a heavy meal. It will help you to get rid of bowel problems.

Sabja seeds for acidity:

Having a cup of milk along with soaked sabja seeds helps to soothe your stomach and relieve from acidity. Avoid taking food items which can induce acidity problems.

Sabja seeds for diabetes:

Sabja seeds helps to have the blood sugar in control. According to Sutter Gould Medical foundation, sabja seeds are helpful for people with type 2 diabetes to have the blood sugar in control. Diabetic people can include sabja seeds in the beverages without adding sugar.

Sabja seeds for weight loss:

Since sabja seeds is rich in high soluble fiber, it makes you to feel full for long time. If you are in diet for weight loss, you can have a drink with soaked sabja seeds before meal time. Since you will feel full, you will not end up in overeating. You can make a drink with sabja seeds and consume it whenever you want to grab snacks. It reduces cravings and appetite.

Sabja seeds for mental health:

Sabja seeds is believed to have calming effect on the brain. So, regular intake helps you to keep you relaxed and free from problems like stress and depression.

Sabja seeds for hair:

Since sabja seeds are rich in protein and iron, it makes your hair more healthy and shiny. Regular intake of sabja seeds can protect you from hair fall, hair loss, premature greying.

Sabja seeds for skin:

Sabja seeds are rich in vitamins and hence it is good for skin. Sabja seeds is very good in treating acne. Crush the sabja seeds. Take warm oil and mix with it. Leave it for sometime. You can use this oil on acne and other minor skin wounds. Since it has antibacterial properties, it helps to treat minor skin problems. Regular intake of sabja seeds can keep your skin healthy and glowing.

Other than the above health benefits, sabja seeds are also helpful for delaying periods. For this soak 1 tsp of sabja seeds in 5 tbsp curd overnight. Eat this curd and sabja seeds mixture once you wake up. Also it is recommended to eat 2 malai vazhaipazham(Sirumalai Banana) followed by a cup of water. This is an old remedy to delay mensuration. You have to eat this daily till the day you want to postpone the periods. Make sure that you start this 2-3 days before you expect the periods.

Old grannies tell that the sabja seeds/tukmaria seeds should not be taken during pregnancy as they can induce contractions and reduce the estrogen levels during pregnancy. I am not sure how true it is. But I felt it is worth to share it here.

Small kids and very old people might choke on swollen sabja seeds. So, it is better to avoid it.


The information provided here is not substitute for professional medical advice. Kindly consult your physician before starting any new health regime.

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