4 rhymes that cheer up your children

Being a mother is no more an easy job especially for the present generation children. If you expect them to sit quietly in a place like how you were during your childhood, you will end up in disappointing yourself. Kids are no more silent listeners like our generation. They are more active than any of the previous generations. They love to play, learn, act and like to be always busy. If their mood is pleasant, you don't have to worry. They will play themselves and you can concentrate on your household or official work. But it is not the case always. They throw tantrums and the only way you can do is diverting them.

I start diverting my kid as soon as I see him starting throwing tantrums. I find it easy to handle my kid when I and my kid are alone at home. If I have some guests at home, things become quite complicated. I find rhymes to be very helpful in this situation. There are some truly cheerful rhymes to cheer up our children. You might find these rhymes to cheer up dull and unwell kids too. Rhymes are the best and effective way for engaging kids. They learn a lot and have fun. Yes, I swear based on my personal experience. They learn more than what we can imagine.

4 rhymes that cheer up your children:

Below are the 4 rhymes that cheer up my kid instantly. I hope these are some evergreen songs which is liked by almost all children.

1. Wheels On the Bus:

This is my son's favorite rhyme and he loves to watch it multiple times. It is such a joyful rhyme that can make any kid to feel cheerful. It is all about a bus journey.

Check the rhyme from the channel called 'Chuchu TV' which is one of my kid's favorite channel to watch rhymes.

2. Chubby Cheeks:

This is one of the old rhymes that engage the kid easily. It can easily involve any kid as it has cute actions. You can also engage the kids while making them bath or dressing up quite cheerfully by singing this rhyme. It is an all time favorite rhyme.

3. Mary had a Little Lamb:

This rhyme can attract and cheer up any child as it has a little lamb. It makes children laugh and play. It teaches the value of love and kindness. Mary's little lamb follows her everywhere as she was kind to her. This popular rhyme can be used to teach the value of kindness and reciprocation of love.

4. Five Little Monkeys Jumping On the Bed:

This rhyme teaches about the safety in a humorous way. While the five little monkeys cheer up any kid, it teaches the kids that they should not jump on a bed. It has a great humour and repetition to engage the kid easily. It is also used to learn mathematics too.

Too much of screen time is harmful and I agree to it. So, keep it minimal. Ensure that the time they spent is a quality one. Rhymes that teach good habits, moral values, learning numbers, colors, shapes and alphabet are the best.

You can find many such rhymes in ChuChu TV YouTube channel -  https://www.youtube.com/user/TheChuChuTV

About ChuChu TV:

ChuChu Tv is home to animated performances of well-known nursery rhymes and other kids' songs. With more than a million subscribers (33,18,022) and counting, the channel is easily among the most popular for children's entertainment. ChuChu TV aims to bring out positive messages with entertaining songs and animations. Nursery rhymes like "Chubby Cheeks" and "Baa Baa Black Sheep" promote the value of sharing and helping others, while "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" highlights the importance of exercise in a way that young children will understand with a total of 92 videos for your kids.
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  1. My daughter also likes wheels on the bus...we both sing that song......