Amway Dynamite Hair Cream Review

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I feel like I should not delay anymore to post my review on Amway Dynamite Hair Cream. After applying three times, I learnt the perfect way of using the Amway Dynamite Hair Cream for a perfect hairdo. I do not know why they have mentioned in their website that it helps men for styling their hair. There is no such thing mentioned in the actual product. There is no indication that it is only for men. Actually, I bought this product from a ladies beauty parlour. Hence I am going to continue using this product anyway at least for its ingredients and effectiveness.

Amway Dynamite Hair Cream

Amway Dynamite Hair Cream

Amway Dynamite Hair Cream Review:

MRP : Rs.85 

Pack size: 150g

What they Claim:

We can enliven our hair with Dynamite Hair Cream. It contains natural ingredients like Henna, Shikkai Extract and Coconut Oil which condition and soften the hair and give it extra shine. It has Vitamin-E also which helps in strengthening the hair roots.

How To Use:

Use on wet hair liberally. Gently apply from the root to tip to ensure that the hair look perfectly styled and groomed all the day, everyday!!


Water, Light Liquid Paraffin, Propylene Glycol, Cetostearly Alcohol, Ceteareth-20, Stearic Acid, Coconut Oil, Triethanolamine, Carbopol 940, Fragrance,  Lanolin, Silicone Fluid, Bronopol, Shikkakai Extract, Henna Extract, BHT, Phenonip, Tacopheryl Acetate, FD & C Yellow 5(CI. 19140)

My View:

The first thing comes to mind after Shampoo/Shikkakai wash is how to style my curly frizzy hair. Yes, hair wash always makes me to question on what to do about frizzy hair after the wash. Applying little oil before shampoo wash helps me to a small extent. But, it was not a satisfactory solution for perfect hair styling. The problem came to an end after buying Amway Dynamite Hair Cream. 

There was a suddenly planned party one day. I had so much of oil applied throughout my hair since I did not expect to go out. I had to start in another one hour. I just took a hair wash with a mild herbal shampoo after the call and then applied Amway Dynamite Hair Cream. It made my hair styling easier than ever before. I used to spend so much of time to style my hair. I try different hair styles before coming to a conclusion. After using Amway Dynamite Hair Cream, I am really satisfied with whatever hair style I do. Yes, the hair looks so perfect and so stylish. It makes my hair look perfectly styled for long hours as they claim. The good thing is the cream is not at all sticky. 

From my experience, the better way to apply Amway Dynamite Hair Cream is, applying little by little from root to tip of your hair. Do not take too much of cream at a time like oil. Take little cream from the tube at a time and apply gently on your hair part by part. I am sure you can have a perfect style with this hair cream.


Makes you stop worrying about frizzy hair anymore
Not at all expensive
Product from a trusted brand
Packing is very good and easy to carry in your handbag
Immediately visible results 
Perfect hair styling cream for all type of hairs
Makes your hair look perfectly styled for long hours
Goodness of Coconut Oil, Shikkai Extract, Henna Extract


Available only with Amway Business owners but not very difficult to find out one of them

My recommendation is it is really worth to try the product for your hair styling. It  is suitable for all type of hairs. Try it once and you will use it forever. 

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  1. yes you are right its the one of the best available hair cream these days. i love to use that am working with amway and i would like to recommend as well.

  2. Do we have to wash after applying this? Or Is it a leave-on product?

  3. Is this a leave-on product or we need to wash it post application?