Super Soft Chapathi/Roti/Phulka recipe without oil

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I choose roti made from wheat flour if I want my breakfast or dinner to be very healthy recipe. After I saw a recent advertisement from an Atta brand about phulka/roti recipe, I thought of trying it. My friend also suggested this way of preparation long ago. The following Chapathi/Roti/Phulka recipe will not only help you to make super soft Chapathi/Roti/Phulkas but without any oil. Sounds good, right? Let us directly go to the recipe now.

 Super Soft Chapathi/Roti/Phulka recipe without oil



Wheat flour/Atta - 200 gms(Makes 5 to 6 Rotis)
Salt - As required
Water - As required


1. Take a wide bowl and add wheat flour and salt. Give a quick mix so that the salt is mixed evenly with the flour.

2. Add water little by little and knead it well till a soft dough is formed which should not be sticky. Be careful with the step, the water should not be more or little than the required amount. Take your time and form the dough. If you are not able to knead right in the first time, you can add little oil which will help you out to get a smooth dough.

3. Keep aside the dough covered for 30 minutes. It is optional step if you do not have time but very important step for making soft rotis.

4. Knead the dough again and form small lemon sized balls. 


5. Roll each ball into thin circles with the roller pin. Use wheat flour/Plain Flour(Maida) for dusting for smooth rolling.

6. Heat tawa(non-stick for oil less cooking).

7. Keep the tawa in medium flame and place the roti. Wait for 30 seconds. Now, turn the roti over the other side and heat for 30 seconds.

8. Keep the flame high(very low if you are trying for first time) and transfer the roti to direct flame. Let it puff. Put the other side also if you wish. Make sure you use a tong while cooking on direct flame for safety measures.

9. Keep it in a hot pack.

Hope you enjoyed the Super Soft Chapathi/Roti/Phulka recipe without oil. Please leave your valuable comments!!

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  1. Thank you for the receip. Btw did you use hot or warm water?

  2. Normal water itself is ok.. But warm water helps to cook wheat flour half way as soon as we mix it. So the cooking time gets reduced.