Easy Parotta Recipe | How To Make Hotel Style Veg Parotta

Hello friends,

Today I am going to share you a simple and easy recipe of Parotta. I am sure most of you
love Parotta. I used to think that making Parotta is not as easy as eating Parotta :-)
Hence I never checked with my mom on how to make Parotta. I have learnt to make
Parotta just one year ago and found it quite easy. Nowadays Parotta is also one of
the frequent dishes which I make at home.I love the Parotta Salna to the core. Parotta tastes well with Veg Kurma too for which I have already posted the recipe. Sharing the recipe of Parotta here. Soon, you can check the hotel style Salna recipe in this space.

Hotel Style Veg Parotta Recipe:


Hotel Style Veg Parotta Recipe:


(Makes around 8-10 Parottas)

Madia/All purpose flour - 300 gms
Salt - To taste
Sugar - 1 tsp
Baking Soda - A pinch
Oil & Water - As required

For Paste:

Maida - 25g
Vanaspathi/Dalda - 3 tbsp


1. Take a big bowl and add Maida, sugar, salt, baking soda, oil and water.

2. Mix well and knead it to make a soft and pilable dough.


3. Keep the Parotta dough closed for atleast 4 hours to 8 hours to make soft Parotta.

4. Heat Dalda/Vanaspathi in a pan, stir and allow it to smoke.

5. Add Maida, stir well till it becomes a paste.

6. Keep it aside and allow it cool for sometime.

7. Divide the Parotta dough into lemon sized equal balls. Make sure the size of the balls
is larger than we take for Roti/Chapathi.

8. Roll into a big circle. Do not bother about the shape at this point. Just make it in a big round shape.

9. Apply the paste evenly on it.

10. Start making fleets like the Saree fleets.

11. Now, roll the dough to make a circle.

12. Flatten it with your hands or using a roller pin. Ensure that the layers are there.

13. Heat tawa and cook the Parotta on both sides in medium flame till the golden spots appear.

Serve the Parotta hot with Kurma/Salna or any side dish you like.

Hope you liked the Parotta Recipe post. Try to make Parotta at home and leave your valuable comments.

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