Get rewarded for your everyday search with Bing Rewards

How great it will be if you are paid for your everyday activity? Wouldn't it be awesome? Now, you can get rewarded for your everyday online searching. Yes, Bing gives you credits for your everyday searching which you can redeem it for sweepstakes entries, shopping gift cards, and donation to charities.

How to get Bing Rewards?

You search everyday. Now Get Rewarded!

a. Join Bing rewards. Its free.
b. Earn Bing credits every time you use Bing to search the web.
c. You can redeem credits for popular gift cards, sweepstake entries or charitable donations.
d. Sign in with your existing Microsoft account(Outlook, Live, Skype, Hotmail or Xbox accounts)  or create a new Microsoft account to sign in and get 20 bonus credits on sign up.
e. Continue searching every day to earn more credits and you can redeem the credits for more sweepstakes entries, shopping gift cards, and even donations to charities.

Note: Currently, the Bing rewards is available only in US. 

You can read more about Bing Rewards by going to

Donate your credits to schools:

There is a great  program called Bing in the Classroom around how Microsoft is technology to schools with ad-free search, free surface tablets for class rooms, and digital literacy lesson plans. Through Bing rewards, members can donate Bing credits to the school of their choice to help earn free Microsoft Surface tablets!

Sponsored Content Disclosure - I am compensated for this post by Bing Rewards for my time and effort in producing this content. All the opinions and thoughts are my own.
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