Paneer Recipes

Indian Paneer Recipes:

Top Paneer Recipes from this blog are pinned below. Just click on the respective recipe images to view the detailed recipes. This page will be updated as and when I add a new paneer recipe.

All the paneer recipes listed here are easy to make. Palak Paneer, Paneer Kofta and Paneer tikka are my personal favorite paneer recipes.

Homemade Paneer                     Paneer Fried Rice
     Homemade Paneer                               Paneer Fried Rice

kadai Paneer                     kadai Paneer
         Kadai Paneer                                   Palak Paneer

Paneer Butter Masala                     Paneer Peas Masala
  Paneer Butter Masala                           Paneer Peas Masala

Paneer Tawa Masala                     Shahi Paneer
  Paneer Tawa Masala                                   Shahi Paneer                 

Paneer in White Gravy                     Paneer Kofta
Paneer in White Gravy                              Paneer Kofta                 

Paneer Dosa                     Paneer Wrap
Paneer Dosa Recipe                              Paneer Wrap               

Paneer Tikka                     Paneer Pasanda   
      Paneer Tikka                                           Paneer Pasanda               

Paneer Bread Roll                       Paneer Vadai   
       Paneer Bread Roll                                   Paneer Vada               

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  1. what a lovely collection of paneer recipes. Love paneer so needless to say love everything that has paneer in it.

  2. Good collection of paneer recipes.. panner is always a star in any party

  3. So many gorgeous recipes, so little time to try!!! I've never had the pleasure of trying paneer in so many different forms but am willing to give some of them a try for sure! Thanks for sharing! - Levan

  4. Ooh wonderful, so many delicious looking paneer recipes. I've only ever made paneer once and really should try it again, because I do like it.

  5. hi Shunmuga
    wow, really mouth watering yummy for tummy Paneer recipes