Philips HP8314 Hair Straightener Review

Philips HP8314 Hair Straightener Review:

I recently bought Philips HP8314 Hair straightener. I love the straightened hair look. You can do permanent straightening in a beauty salon. But my friends who have done it had been complaining that they could not change the look and it is boring. So, I thought to go with hair straighteners. Of course, it could do damage to your hair. But I thought it is okay to straighten once in a while. Looking good makes us feel good right? So, I bought Philips HP8314 hair straightener to straighten my hair on special occasions  at least.

I have posted unboxing and product review of HP8314 straightener in Youtube. You can check all the details about the product in the below video.

My experience with Philips HP8314 Hair straightener and Review:

My cousin has Philips Hp8643 hair straightener. I have to frankly tell that the color of Philips HP8643/HP8647 hair straightener is breathtaking at least for me. The pink color is so good and you will fall in love with the color once you see it. After you see that straightener, it is not easy for your heart to accept any other straightener. It is hundred percent true in my case. It is a very basic straightener with locking plates. But I thought of buying some high-end straightener which has ion conditioning. But I do not see any difference in the texture of my hair due to ion conditioning if is too dry without traces of oil. If I have oiled before taking hair bath, I could see a subtle difference.  I am okay if had done something good for my hair without an explicit difference.

The other features which made me choose Philips HP8314 are extra wide plates(yes, its extra wide) and auto shut off feature(mentioned in websites like Flipkart and Amazon but I could not be able to spot either in the box or manual).

You can get poker straight hair with this straightener. But it is not possible with single stroke if your hair is curly and frizzy.

The straightener is becoming so hot. The outer plastic side of the plates is also getting hot and it is not possible for hold for a long time. I had to switch off multiple times to cool down it.

It took me around 20 minutes to straightener my hair. My hair is dry, frizzy and a little bit curly. If you frequently use a hair straightener, it might take less time.

Model No:  Philips HP8314

Brand:  Philips

Price:  MRP is 2395. But you can buy it in different price tags. I bought it for 1680 from Flipkart from my favorite seller WSRetail.

Overall Thoughts:

I love the Philips HP8314 hair straightener. It is doing its job good. When it comes to color, I vote for the pink hair straightener which comes in the combo packs 'Philips HP8643(Miss Freshers Combo Pack)' or Philips HP8647 hair straightener which cannot be beaten by anything else.
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