Eggless Vanilla Rava Cake Recipe - How to make cake in pressure cooker

Eggless Vanilla Rava Cake Recipe - How to make cake in pressure cooker:

Eggless Pressure Cooker Cake - Doesn't it sound interesting? If you have doubt whether you can get a good rava cake by following this recipe, read the comment from 'Ahalya' who has tried this rava cake. You can check her comment in the comment section. When your cake is perfectly baked and completely homemade, free from unknown ingredients and made from only quality ingredients in pressure cooker, you can serve it anytime for your kids whenever they want.

I made this eggless rava cake(Semolina Cake) in pressure cooker recently for my hubby's birthday this month. I was extremely happy with the outcome. The semolina cake(rava cake) turned out to be so delicious and we all liked it very much. My kid and I had it as next day breakfast since the ingredient is just rava. Baking cake in a pressure cooker is so easy. So, I am here to share the pressure cooker cake recipe.

How to make a cake in a pressure cooker without an oven? - When you know the pressure cooker cake recipe, I bet you that you will try it for all birthday celebrations at your home. Try to use a thick steel lid to cover the cake instead of pressure cooker lid as the safety valve might get damaged. The thick steel lid is more than enough to bake a cake in pressure cooker. It is easy to check the progress and you do not need to afraid at all. I have used the aluminium cooker. I am not sure whether we can use nonstick or any other cooker.

Rava cake/Semolina Cake:

The best part is when we make the cake with Rava/sooji/semolina and not maida/plain flour. So, it is more healthy for sure. The cake turned out to be so spongy and the texture was so good. According to me, the taste of rava cake was better than maida cake.

Eggless Vanilla Cake in pressure cooker 

The only sinful ingredients here are sugar, baking soda, and baking powder. We are not adding too much of baking soda or powder in the cake. You cannot omit them. Otherwise, we will not get cake:) When it comes to sugar, you can control the quantity of sugar or you can use Sugar-free Natura(I have not tried, but I hope that it will work).

Now let us see how to prepare Eggless Vanilla Rava Cake(Semolina cake) in Pressure cooker.

Sooji Cake

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Ingredients - Baking rava cake in cooker: 

  • Rava/Sooji - 3/4 cup
  • Yogurt/Fresh Curd - 3/4 cup(should not be too much sour. If soar, add milk and curd in the ration 50:50 or according to the sourness)
  • Sugar - 1/2 cup - 3/4 cup max to taste(I have added 3/4 cup for more sweetness)
  • Baking powder - 3/4 tsp
  • Baking soda/Cooking soda - 1/4 tsp
  • Vanilla Essence - 1/2 - 3/4 tsp as preferred
  • Melted Ghee or Butter or Butter + Ghee -  3 tbsp + 1/2 tsp for greasing the pan(I used ghee)
  • Saffron - 4-5 strands crushed(skip if you do not have)
  • Cardamom powder - 2-3 pinches

Instructions - How to make Eggless Vanilla Rava cake(Semolina Cake) in pressure cooker:

Cake Batter Preparation:

1. Mix rava(sooji), sugar and yogurt and beat well with electric blender or mixie. You can use whisk manually too. Add sugar 1/2 cup first and then add little by little after tasting the batter. The smooth batter should be formed and there should not be any lumps. You can sprinkle milk if you feel that the batter is so solid. I did not add it as my batter was perfect. Keep it closed for 30 minutes.

2. Add baking powder, cooking or baking soda, vanilla essence(1/2 tsp is minimum, add more if required), melted ghee, saffron and cardamom powder to the batter. Mix well and keep it aside.



It is very important to understand how you are going to use the pressure cooker to bake the cake and the basic setup. I have used Prestige pressure pan this time. I have tried making Eggless Vanilla Cake before in pressure cooker.


1. Remove the gasket and whistle from the lid of the pressure cooker.  Close the pressure cooker with the pressure cooker lid. Heat the cooker in high flame for 5 minutes. Do not add water.

  Pressure cooker cake recipe 

Meanwhile, add 1/2 tsp ghee or butter in the cake pan and grease the pan well. You can use cake pan which you can place in the cooker or you can use any super thick stainless steel or aluminum bowl as I have used. The bowl should not touch the sides of the cooker. The main idea is the body of cake pan should not touch the cooker directly.

Rava cake recipe step

2. Add the cake batter in the cake pan. Once the cooker is preheated, open the cooker lid. Carefully place the separator/cooker plate and then the cake pan inside the cooker on top of the separator plate.The cooker will be very hot. So, make sure that you use a good and steady pot holder to put the cake pan in the cooker. If you do not have cooker plate, you can use any similar perforated plate.

3. Close the lid and keep the flame in medium flame for 15 minutes. Then put the stove in low to medium flame and cook till you can insert a knife and take it out neatly. It will take an average of 20-30 minutes totally. But you have to check once in a while to make sure that the cake is getting cooked properly. Do not cover the entire cooker. You need to cover only the cake pan if you are not using cooker lid.

As I said, I have not used the cooker lid this time as some people say that cooker will be damaged though I am not sure how true it is. I just used a thick steel lid which I got with my nonstick aapam pan. It was easy for me to check the progress frequently.

Pressure cooker cake recipe step2

My cake was ready in 25 minutes approximately. I cooked in low flame. The time varies with the cake pan, pressure cooker, ingredients you use and the flame in which you cook.

How to check whether the cake is ready in the cooker?

The bottom of the cake which touches the pan should turn golden brown in color. You can see the edges of the cake also turned to golden brown in color. Insert a knife or tooth pick in the center of the cake and take it out. If it comes out clean, your cake is ready. Once the cake is ready, switch off the flame and keep the semolina cake closed for 5 more minutes. After that, take the cake pan and turn it upside down and shake it slightly so that the cake comes out of the pan. Do not overcook the cake otherwise it will get burnt. So, frequent checking is important after 15 minutes of time. The bottom of the cake might have turned to a beautiful golden brown color once the cake is perfectly cooked. Remove the cake from the pan within 5 minutes after you switch off the stove.Otherwise, the moisture content in the cake will start evaporating and the water drops back to the cake which will spoil the cake.



The topping is absolutely your choice. You can use frosting cream, nuts and dry fruits/tutti frutti/cherry(you can also add these before you place the pan inside the cooker either sprinkling them at the top or mixing with the batter), chocolate shavings, chocolate syrup or even nothing. The rava cake itself  is so delicious. My kid immediately took out a piece himself even before I took the photos. That is why a small piece is missing in the photo.

Pressure Cooker Cake

Are you ready to bake pressure cooker cake now? Go ahead and try it now.

Photos of Tried and tested by Readers:

The below photo is sent by Pallavi Jain who tried this recipe. Her email and photo are below.

Hi Sundari,

First of all I would like to thank you for sharing the egg less cake recipe that can be prepared in cooker. I am generally not a cake lover but I had the Iyengar's bakery's egg less Rava cake while I travelled to Mumbai for a day. So after returning to Delhi I really wanted to have it again and I started looking for recipes online when I came across your blog which had very easy way of cooking this cake with tips and answers to simple but important questions.

I tried it finally and here are few pictures I am attaching. The texture was bit brittle which is expected but looks like i have added more ghee than required. Next time I can improvise that. Taste wise it was great and quite similar to the one I had in Mumbai. The brown color chunks are chocolate pieces which I had added before baking and because of that cake was stuck at the bottom(lil bit). Overall it was an easy recipe and my family members are going to love it..

Thanks again!!
Pallavi Jain

The below photos are from a beloved reader called 'Neesu'.  She made these cakes for her hubby's birthday. Search for Neesu's comment in the comment section for the variations she did. 

She sent the photos via email along with the comment -

"Also i stored them in d fridge..n its d 3rd day today n they r stil nice n edible.. thank u.." 



Thanks for the readers who show enormous interest in baking cakes in pressure cooker for their loved ones and become successful in baking. I get several questions from friends and readers via different communication channel like Facebook pages, mail and messages. After answering several questions, I thought it is high time to create a FAQ section to help you out with commonly asked questions about this recipe along with the answers. 

Before going to the FAQ, I want to reiterate one thing. Do not give up. You might fail in your first attempt or even in 2 attempts. It is applicable for almost every other recipe in this blog. But practice can make you perfect. You can easily get success with this recipe in few attempts. Some have got in the first attempt itself. Once you get it done right, you can happily bake many more cakes.

1. "Only thing I found d cakes quite dry. A little moisture in d cake wud b just fine. Could u suggest how can I do that. " - A question from a beloved reader via comment section.


  • Cakes made with egg yolks will be better in moisture. If you are making eggless cake in pressure cooker, we cannot do that. Also, maida cakes are always better in moisture.
  • Overbaking causes cakes to get dried. Once the sides of the cake starts turning slightly brown, insert a tooth pick in the center of the cake. It should come out clean. It is okay, if only few bits stick to it and you should be able to take it out easily without sticking. If it snot, you should cook only minute by minute. You have to keep checking every single minute to avoid drying.
  • Using more oil or butter also can make the cake more moisture.
2. Cake is not getting thickened even after cooking for a long time. - A question from a beloved friend.


It is definitely something to experiment and adjust the ingredients and cooking time. The first question is about dryness and this one is for not drying:)

  • Rava quality may differ. Some r really fine particles and some are bigger particles. So, we have to adjust the yogurt content.Add little by little and stop once you get the right consistency. 
  • The intensity of flames differ stove by stove. I use a stove called Agni which was bought while getting my gas connection and mom uses Butterfly gas stove. Butterfly flame is not so intense as my stove. Obviously, it takes more time to cook in her stove. I have seen the difference in intensity of flames in my friends' houses too. Even there is a difference in the time taken to boil milk. So, you have to adjust the flames. If your flame is gentle, you might need to cook in high flame initially instead of medium flame. Well, it comes by practice easily.
  • Even the thickness of the pans and pressure cooker differs and it matters a lot. This is something to do with the adjustment of flame again.

What would I like to ask you?

Now it is my turn to ask you some favor.

  • Feel free to ask your questions. The aim of this recipe is to help you bake cakes for your loved ones even if you do not have Oven at home. I am happy to help you. Just leave a comment in the comment section or send a mail to with your questions.
  • Do not forget to take the photos of the cake you baked and send to us via email to the mail address - There are several reasons why I am asking to share the photos. It gives confidence to other readers when they see the photo. It gives me happiness to upload your photo in my blog and facebook page:) Also, I can show it to my family members.
  • As I got feedback from several friends and readers that this recipe helped them to bake a cake successfully in the pressure cooker, I would like to ask you a favor with confidence. Share this recipe link to your friends and families only if you like it. Let them also bake without oven:)
If you like this blog, subscribe with your email address and like us on facebook in the side bar to get instant updates on the posts.


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  7. Dear sundari...
    Made rava cake. Came out well. This s really an amazing set up.very well written instructions. Thank you so much.

  8. Thanks Ahalya for sharing it.. I am glad! Next time, please take a photo of the cake and send it to :)

  9. Hi sundari..this is Neesu..thanx for sharing such a wonderful recipe. Can u plz clear a few doubts? If i need more quantity then can i double all the ingredients or baking powder + soda has to be 1tsp only? Instead of baking powder and soda can eno be used? Will this cake come out to be a 250gm cake? Lastly how can i store the cake and for how many days..?

    1. Hi Neesu. So kind of u visiting my blog :) U hv to double the ingredients -yes. Keep it n fridge. It will b good for a min of 2 days. I hv not stored longer than that. 250 g - I hv never weighed. Will try to weigh next time. With Eno, I hv never tried. If u r doing for first time, do n less quantity as trial purose. Adjust water and flames n the batter accordingly as flame vary frm stove to stove and water has to b adjusted based on the thickness of other ingredients. Let me know if u need any other help. Also send me the photo when u get it right :)

  10. Hi sundari.. i baked 2 rava cakes for my hubby's bday..i'd like to share a different set up i used and d probs i faced..
    Chocolate walnut rava cake - as d name suggests, yes, i used cocoa powder (2 tsp) and some walnuts to ur recipe.omitted d cardamom powder.instead of cooker i used an aluminium kadhai with a ring separator n baked d cake in d same manner as u have described. Next to d separator i kept a piece of dried lemon to avoid d burning of kadhai. The cake tin was kept on d separator and covered wid a thali. The cake was ready in about 35 mins.
    Rava cake - this i made in d set up described by u..i stopped cookin in about 25 mins..d bottom got a litle charred and d cake got stuck to d tin.i guess i should've stopped cookin in 20 mins. Found a solution to fix d prob. I cut a small circle at d centre wid a katori n released it wid d back of the spoon. It came out. After dat i could tease d remainin portion of the cake n dat also came out.assembled both pieces n my cake was ready.
    Both the cakes tasted nice. Only thing i found d cakes quite dry. A lil moisture in d cake wud b just fine. Could u suggest how can i do dat. Though i think if d proportions of baking powder and soda are inverted, i.e. baking powder 1/4 tsp n soda 3/4tsp d prob may get solved..will have to try.. sending u the pics of the 2 cakes on d email..

    1. Hi neetu..
      For the moisture put some sugar syrup on the cake .. It tastes excellent .. Also u have to reduce lil sugar in your recipe in this case

    2. Hey thanx for d idea..i shall do so..there is some sugar syrup of the rasgullas at home ;)..

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    Cakes cooked in pressure cooker doesn't come brown shade on the top like we get in oven ?

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