Get Adventurous with your food

Bored with the same staple food items all the time? Stop being conventional and start getting adventurous with your food. Wondering how to be adventurous when it comes to food? A simple way to start with is adding contrasting flavors to your regular food and you can have multiple experiences with a single dish quite easily. Be ready to get appreciated by your family for creating a new whole sensation of taste.

For example, I love to eat murukku alone. It is normal and that is what everyone doing. At times, I soak the murukku in my filter coffee and leave it for sometime. I wait till the murukku gets softened by the coffee. I drink the coffee quickly and enjoy the soaked murukku for minutes. It is such a delicious combination with contrasting flavors. Murukku is usually made with rice flour, salt, sesame seeds and jeera. Different types of murukku can be prepared by mixing different flours like roasted gram dal flour, ragi flour, besan dal. Coffee has a different flavor altogether. But when you mix both, you will get a wonderful snack item to eat. My hubby looks at me like I am doing something adventurous in this world. You can also serve it to kids or old people who lost teeth. I am sure they would enjoy it thoroughly.

When I am writing about murukku, I remember the day when I tried to create a new flavor with murukku. There are lot of potato chips available in the market in different flavors. Many kids are addicted to them. Thank God, my son is not one among them. If you are a mom who wants to keep your child away from these items, you can try the recipe what I have tried recently. I added tomato paste, few dried herbs like oregano, fresh basil leaves and garlic paste with the rice flour. I have added little butter too. You can also add little sugar if you like. I chose coconut oil for deep frying instead of sunflower oil. What I ended with is a murukku that tastes almost similar to those chips which I was talking about. My  kid liked it very much and I was very happy to serve a healthy snack to my kid with rich flavor. As it is homemade you can stay assured about the quality and you don't need to worry about preservatives and artificial flavors. You can try the same with potato chips, banana chips, kara boondhi etc.

I would love to write about another interesting combination here. Have you tried combining kesari and sambar ever? If you are someone who likes contrasting flavors, I am sure you would like this too. Prepare kesari and moong dal sambar as usual. Take a bowl and mix kesari and sambar. That's it. You will forget yourself as you enjoy a new flavor. Kesari is so sweet and some people do not like to eat too much. For those people, it will be a super food for sure. I discovered this wonderful combination during my childhood. When I went to a wedding, the server mistakenly pour the sambar on kesari instead of idli. He apologized profusely and asked whether he can start serving afresh. I agreed but he was not back for a long time. As I got hungry, I started eating that combination and loved it at once. Once he came back with a new banana leaf, I told him that I could manage with the old one.

Breakfast menu in authentic Tamil Nadu weddings is sure to have Kesari and sambar. Just mix it and have it. You will thank me in case if you like adventurous food. Whenever I make kesari at home in the evening time, I plan to prepare idli and moong dal sambar for dinner. I will mix the leftover kesari and sambar that night and indulge in my favorite combination.

By this time, you must have been reminded of at least 2 different adventurous food items that you like. Am I right? In that case, it is time to showcase your culinary skills. I recently came across something similar that Vikas Khanna and Vir Sanghvi are doing - - #Foodventures. If you know how to create adventure with ingredients, share it with them and stand a chance to feature in a video with celebrities.

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