How to Reduce Cheeks and lose Face Fat Naturally

Like every individual’s body is different, so is their face. For some, their body will be fit and lean whereas their face will be chubby and few others will have a small face when compared to their body. Both the cases makes the person look odd and even aged. The "Chubby Cheeks, dimple chin" rhymes might seem good to you only during your childhood and not when you are old. Chubby cheeks can be due to unhealthy diet, eating too much of sugar-laden foods or water retention. While it is important to follow a healthy and balanced diet to maintain good health as well as look good, exercise too plays a major role. You might think, “I can reduce weight but how to reduce cheeks?” You will be surprised to see how the following tips and exercises can reduce your cheeks within two weeks.

how to reduce cheeks and lose face fat

How to Reduce Cheeks and Face Fat Naturally?

Not everyone needs to worry about their cheeks. If they are too chubby and look abnormal, your intervention is certainly needed. 

The below tips can help you to reduce cheeks and also helps to lose face fat naturally. Even if you do not have cheek fat or face fat, you can do the facial exercises to keep your facial muscles healthy.

Chew gum:

The best and enjoyable way to exercise those cheek muscles is by chewing gum. Go for sugar-free gum and follow a 2 minute 4 set chewing. Chew for 2 minutes as fast as you can and take a rest for about 30 seconds between each set. Do 4 sets in the morning and evening. It helps reduce fat and works those muscles. Choosing the right chewing gum is important. Do not go for junk ones which will result in spoiling your overall health. You could stop doing it once you see the visible cheek and face fat reduction and continue any of the below exercises to maintain the cheek and face fat.

If you are having any gum disease or problems in your mouth or tooth, you might need to avoid it without getting a medical consultation.

Blowing balloons:

Blowing balloons is another easy way to reduce cheek and face fat. Fill up 10 balloons or you can use the same by letting out air and blowing it again, repeating it for 10 times. When you blow air into the balloons, you will experience your muscles stretch. This will help reduce the cheeks in 10 days and it is also a good exercise for the lungs.

Initially, you might feel difficult to blow 10 balloons at a time. You can do it in intervals. Start with few balloons initially and gradually increase the count of the balloons.

Massage your face:

Massaging your face with an oil, face scrub or face pack to reduce your cheek fat and to lose your face fat naturally. Massaging helps improve blood circulation and reduces any water retention. It makes the blood flow into the vessels and eliminates any retained waste and water. Make sure that you massage in an upward motion (helps skin from sagging) and not in the downward motion.

You can use oils like olive oil, almond oil or coconut oil for massaging your face. Regular massaging helps to lose face fat and cheek reduction easily.

Fish Face exercise:

It is also known as the smiling fish exercise. For this exercise, suck in your cheeks and hold for a count of 10 to 15 seconds. While holding, try to smile and you should be able to feel those muscles pull. Repeat it 5 times in the morning and evening. It helps reduce fat on the lower part of the cheek and strengthens the cheek muscles.

Tongue exercise:

In this exercise, rotate your tongue on the insides of your cheek. Your tongue should touch the mouth while rotating. You can either do it as a big circle to cover your entire mouth or you can make a circle as big as possible just to cover one side at a time. Repeat this 10 times in the morning and evening. While doing this, you must feel the muscles below the eyes and those near the lower jaw stretch.


Another exercise that we do every day without evening knowing is gargling. While gargling, your cheek muscles get stretched and fat is removed. Gargle 10 times with lukewarm water twice a day for effective results.

Gargling not only helps to reduce cheek and face fat but also helps to keep your mouth clean. When you do gargling, pay attention in exercising your cheeks in addition to cleaning your mouth well.

Puff your cheeks  to reduce cheeks and face fat:

Puffing cheeks is a very good facial exercise to reduce cheeks and lose face fat easily.

Take a deep breath. Puff one side of your cheek and hold for 5 seconds. Let out air and repeat it on the other side. Do 10 sets on both the cheeks. 

Take a deep breath. Puff both sides of your cheeks at the same time. Hold on for 5 seconds before letting the air out. But, the first method is more effective.

You might think that it is easier to puff both your cheeks at the same time, but doing so does not stretch your cheek muscles to the maximum. This exercise mainly concentrates on the middle portion of your cheeks.

Smile to reduce cheeks and face fat:

Smile with your lips closed, as wide as possible and hold for 10 seconds. You must widen your smile till you can feel the tightness on your cheeks. Relax and repeat 9 more times.

Smiling is the best exercise to reduce cheeks and face fat fast. This is not only good for cheek reduction and face fat reduction, it is also good for your physical and mental health. So, keep on smiling.

Cheek lift:

Cheek lift can be done in two ways. One is completely a funny way. Smile broadly to lift your cheeks up towards your eyes. Stretch your mouth but only till as much as you can to lift your cheeks. Do not try this when you are at the office. It might look weird and funny to others as they do not know the purpose.

The next way to do cheek lifting is relatively easier. With the help of your fingertips, lift your cheek to your eyes. Lift them until you can feel the muscles strain and hold for 10 seconds. Release and repeat the same 10 more times. You can do once in the morning and once in the evening. This can be done during your wok hours too.

Cheek lifting is one of the easiest facial exercises to lose face fat and also to reduce cheeks naturally.

Reduce salt intake:

Taking salt than the everyday recommended value can be dangerous to health. Sodium in salt causes water retention which in turn bloats up your face in addition to increased body weight. Avoid salty food like chips and go for healthy homemade food. Also, drink lots and lots of water to prevent water retention and to eliminate waste from your body. Keep a water bottle handy so that you do not miss drinking water in regular intervals. 

By reducing the salt intake, you can reduce cheek fat, face fat and overall body fat. Unless you are suffering from high blood pressure, it might sound hard to reduce salt intake. It is always good to check on your salt usage. Taking normal amount of salt is perfectly okay. There are people who add too much salt in their diet. That kind of people definitely needs a check on their salt consumption.

Temporary Solutions that work very well:

While exercises are the best and permanent solution, you can try out haircuts and make up for the time being. Choose a haircut that covers the sides of your face. Consult with a hair dresser and explain your requirements. A neat step cut can make your make look slimmer and helps cover your cheeks. 

Next, apply makeup in such a way that it accentuates your face on the front and hides your cheeks. Contour makeup is famous to create the perfect face with makeup. A lot of videos are available online on how to apply contour makeup.

As I have mentioned initially, do not worry unless you have abnormal cheek or face fat. Unless you are not overweight, you do not need to worry about chubby cheeks if they are not abnormally fat. Medical consultation is required if you feel that your cheeks or face is abnormally fatty. Hope you found the facial exercises to be useful to reduce cheeks and fat face. Try it out and let me know the results.

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