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If one of you are going for a full-time job and another one takes care of the home, the one who stays at home can take the responsibility of laundry. There is no problem with that. With the Ariel Matic, you do not want to strain yourself to remove the stains. Ariel Matic is going to take care of it. Let it be man or woman, you do not want to share the load unless you want to add extra feather in your crown only in this case. But the expectation changes only when it comes to a different case.

In many of the households, be it in a city or village, women are going for a full-time job to earn as men do. But the reverse is not true. Men are not taking care of household works as women do. Household works are still reserved to women.

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I agree that most of the traditions have been followed since ages since there is a reason behind every tradition. The tradition of women taking responsibility of home started as men were the sole breadwinner before. Women came forward to take care of all the household works. But the scenario has changed. While some women have the comfort of staying at home, many are not. If this is the case at your home, it is ethical to share the load. 

I agree that men cannot share all the works. You cannot make a tasty sambar or manchurian as your spouse makes. She might be the experienced one. But still, you can make dosa, grind chutney, clean the home, take care of laundry and similar tasks. Do you know what you get in return? It is abundant love. Your spouse will start feeling more secured and happy. She will feel like having better dignity at home. She will feel more responsibility and enthusiastic in married life.

Let me tell the scenario at my home. I was working once upon a time. When I was working, my hubby took care of few simple tasks including laundry. It continued even after I resigned the job till my son started going to school. Taking care of a small baby is really a tiring job. So, my better-half was helping me during those days. Now my son has grown up and my work load has reduced. I myself take care of all the household works except few days when I feel tired. 

As my son is growing up, I feel the need of teaching him few basic household works which is the need of the hour. I want him not to become a man who seems to be unfair in front of others. Let him do simple household works and make his spouse happy. Sharing the load of a wife is one of the powerful ingredients to lead a happy married life. Apart from education, it is mandatory to impart these skills too in young children. 

I wanted to try the new Ariel Matic's odd even calendar with my son. Though it is not possible to expect him to take care of laundry completely as he is just 4.5 years old, I started involving him in the even days. He loads the machine, put the Ariel Matic powder and switch on the machine.

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With Ariel Matic, you do not need to worry about stains. Once you put the clothes for washing, you can forget about it. 

Once the clothes are washed, I take them out and put in a bucket. I take the bucket to the upstairs and he follows me with the bag of clips. As I dry them out, he helps me by giving clips one by one. He brings the empty bucket back.

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Once the clothes are dried, we both go and bring them to home. I give him small clothes like handkerchief, towels and his trousers for folding. Once folding is done, it is his responsibility to keep the clothes in the appropriate shelves.

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This might seem too much for young kids. But let me tell you the fact. He started enjoying doing this. His time is passed in useful way. He has become more responsible. He is coming forward to share many other household works. He enjoys showing the washed clothes to the guests that he is the one who did. I am seeing it giving him a lot of happiness.

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Let the next generation learns to share the loads equally in the budding age itself. When you share the load, there will be less chaos and more happiness. Start sharing. Start enjoying the life.

Note -I am taking part in the #LaundryGoesOddEven Challenge by Ariel India at BlogAdda.

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