Bikini Body Mommy Challenge 5.0 Day 4 Review - BBM 5.0 Day 4

Bikini Body Mommy Challenge 5.0 Day 4 Workout Review - BBM 5.0 Day 4:

Today I did my BBM 5.0 day 4. Today is Cardio and same as Day 2. You do not need any kind of motivation other than your day 2 scores. Before doing each exercise, have a look at your day 2 scores to get motivated to beat your day 2 score. I did not check the score of my day 1 for the first exercise and I was doing it slowly. Hence, my score for Surfer Squat Jumps was poor than day 2. When I noted down my score, I realised that I did not do well. From the second exercise onwards, I had a look at day 2 score and tried hard to beat the day 2 scores.

Youtube Link for Bikini Body Mommy Challenge 5.0 Day 4 video -

Bikini Body Mommy Challenge 5.0 Day 2 Review BBM 5.0 Day 2 

My Bikini Body Mommy Challenge 5.0 Day 4 Review:

My BBM 5.0 Day 4 scores:

Surfer Squat Jumps - 33
Fake Jumprope - 120
Side-Side Lunge Chops - 28
Rockettes - 45
Wonder Womans - 37
Deadbugs - 34
Mountain Climbers - 165
Plank Object Touch - 80

Have a glimpse on my Day 2 scores.

Surfer Squat Jumps - 39
Fake Jumprope - 108
Side-Side Lunge Chops - 24
Rockettes - 45
Wonder Womans - 33
Deadbugs - 30
Mountain Climbers - 146
Plank Object Touch - 76

I was happy with my scores except the scores of Surfer Squat Jumps. I did everything else better than the day 2.

Bikini Body Mommy Challenge 5.0 Day 4  Result and Overall Experience:

Today I have started feeling better and getting back to form.


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