My Desserts with a Twist Food Aventure

When it comes to desserts, everyone has a sweet corner. Desserts have the capability to turn your worry into joy. Be it an adult or kid, a simple dessert is enough to change the mood. Even if I am done with a heavy main course, I cannot say no to the desserts.  It is not my fault. We are in a community where desserts are meant to share happiness. If you are arranging a party and inviting guests, your apologies will get accepted if you do not treat them with the main course but never if desserts are not arranged.

Once I invited the family of my North Indian friend for lunch. She told me that would prepare some desserts and bring it for lunch. She asked me to concentrate only on the preparation of the main course and she would take care of desserts. I know that she is trying to reduce my workload. I did not accept her offer and I told that I would take care of desserts too. Even after a lengthy conversation, we were not able to conclude on the desserts. We both told each other not to prepare but never agreed. I told her that I am going to prepare the lunch and I cut the call without allowing her to talk further.

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My friend's family always like the taste of the traditional recipes of Tamil Nadu. So, I prepared Rice, Sambar, Carrot Poriyal and Keerai Kootu. I prepared Semiya Payasam and Mango payasam in a traditional way as desserts.

I came to know that my friend had also baked a vanilla cake and Shortbread cookies as desserts. Both of us had prepared in large quantities. We both like to play with the recipes and add some twists to the regular ones. After finishing lunch, we planned to play with the leftover desserts.

We wanted to combine the traditional and modern desserts. I cut the cake into small pieces and spread the Mango payasam over the pieces as a topping. I kept the pieces in the refrigerator and left it for 2 hours.

I coated the shortbread cookies with the Semiya Payasam and kept them in the refrigerator for 2 hours.

Tea time has come and my friend is very good in brewing tea. While she was preparing the tea, I was checking the desserts. Both of them tasted awesome. We never tried creating such twists in desserts with traditional dishes. We served both the desserts chilled. Everyone in the family starts admiring us for the creativity. We never thought the combination works great. But it worked. Both of us applauded each other for coming up with such a nice twist in desserts. From that day onwards, we loved to add twists to the leftover desserts. Most of them were a huge hit.

Instead of serving regular desserts, desserts created with a twist are sure to attract and please the guests. Take some adventure with the desserts to come up with an unusual yet delicious dessert instead of predictable cake, or other old-standby, default ice creams. Be creative and unique while making desserts with a twist. It is always a fun-filled experience.

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