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People whoever read my 'About & Contact' Page know about my profession in the past. I had work experience in 2 top IT MNCs in India. IT job meant spending a lot of time in traveling, eating and then sitting in a single place for long hours to work. There was no time to even think about 'ME Time' when I was working. The days were completely hectic and it was hard to live the moments. We used to long for weekends to give enough rest to our body which would never happen in reality. We used to get calls from managers to work even during weekends. I had seen people who go in 'unreachable' mode by some tricky ways just to avoid the calls from workplace:)

Life At Ramco Bloggers Meet

The whole perspective was changed when I was invited for a Bloggers meet at Ramco Systems. I was at Ramco Systems for 2 hours and I would say it was completely a fun time. I had no feeling of being in an IT company.  As long as the work is completed on time, employees are allowed to have fun. You do not need to go anywhere outside to have fun. Everything is there at the office itself to keep you entertained.

Highlights of Life At Ramco:

Here are some of the highlights of Life At Ramco. Of course, you will be going to the office to work for getting paid. Apart from that, here are some interesting things that you can expect from Ramco Systems.

1. You can work from any place.
2. Flexible timings.
3. You can get a 15 minutes massage in the office itself. They have a tie-up with Naturals for this purpose.
4. Get time for fitness at the office with Zumba, cross training, and similar programs.
5. You can play your favorite musical instruments with a cup of coffee.
6. Go for boxing, table tennis or have fun with foosball anytime.
7. Get access to healthy snacks like Ragi Crunchies.

It was evident that they work hard to delight their employees. I am sure that you can expect a funny and thoughtful workplace at Ramco Systems.
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  1. Nice to know you have a technical background of working in big IT companies. All the best :)

    Destination Infinity