#BestforBaby Event by BabyChakra in association with Johnson & Johnson

You must have attended a lots of events and sessions related to the parenting and baby care, most of all would be about thousands of lectures and seminars. I recently had an opportunity to attend an event by the best parenting community Baby Chakra in association with Johnson & Johnson. Baby Chakra is one of the prominent trusted childcare network in India. If you are looking to connect with other moms, experts or childcare services, BabyChakra is the right platform for you.

I had no expectations before going for the event and I had no clue what is the event going to be about. To my surprise the event hall was filled with attractive colors and lovely interior decoration. The best part of the event was you are allowed to bring your kids where they can be engaged with the play area set up there. 

A photo board with beautiful words where placed where you can take snaps with your kid. This was really an overwhelming welcome which every mother deserves. Many moms had come with their kids and there where people to coordinate with us and help us manage the kids. Moms who had bought infants with them where extremely pampered so that they can attend the session peacefully.

The program was all about the Johnson and Johnson baby products, how good they are to the baby’s sensitive skin. They had a very clear demonstration about the Johnson's baby products and explained clearly, how does it make difference when compared to the other baby products in the market. They had a demonstration on the Johnson and Johnson baby wipes, we got to know how safe it is for the baby skin and it has moisturizing effect on every wipe, whereas the other brand has more of water and less moisturizer. 

There was another exciting demonstration which was a big surprise to all of us present there. They had introduced a new product for washing baby clothes and it was extremely good. We were asked to wash the soiled clothes with a minimal amount of water using this Johnson and Johnson's Cloth washing liquid. It was fantastic and the dirt vanished away like a magic, it is capable of removing even tough stains and makes the cloth look soft and clean. It is very skin friendly and a must needed product for every home. They can be used while washing with and hands and also during machine wash. They have two types of liquids, the blue one for normal clothes and yellow ones to remove tough stains. This is definitely going to be the best product for every mom. These demonstrations was done by different team of moms and the winning team was given gift hampers. It was a super good experience to participate in these demonstrations so that we came to know about the product out of practical experience.

Another important session of the event was the question and answer section. We were allowed to ask any question that hits our mind about Johnson's products. They were extremely brilliant to answer all the question with a detailed explanation, they were very clear about the product and had a very vast knowledge about how the products work and how skin friendly they are. They were able to answer even a simple question about the product to the most complicated questions. This question and answer session made the moms extremely happy and gave a satisfaction about the product. 

There were also a video presentation by an experienced paediatrician explaining about the goodness of Johnson and Johnson baby products. They gained knowledge about the product instead of blindly using it. The mothers then knew well about the product and they were very confident about using the product.

There was a great lunch buffet arranged for the wonderful moms, we were provide with yummy soup and salads, the lunch menu was out of the world and so very delicious. The kids where given a small kit with goodies. 

There was a live telecast on the social media pages of Johnsons and Johnson, and Baby chakra were the moms shared about their experience in attending this event. I could see the moms face filled with joy, as they finally had a good personal time and enjoyed it to the core. We were also given a goodie bag with a Johnson and Johnson gift set containing Johnson and Johnson Baby cream, Massage oil, Hair oil, Moisturizing lotion, Baby powder, Top to toe body wash, comb, and rompers. There was a feeding room arranged for the moms, this made the moms feel so very comfortable on handling the infants.

This event was a great experience for all the mommies there and each one was extremely happy attending this event. Thanks to Baby chakra and Johnson and Johnson for arranging this event and making the moms feel very proud and know about baby care in detail. This event will be a great initiative for moms to pass on the message about the goodness of the products to other fellow moms and educate them as well. Let us all experience a good parenting.
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