Kilimanjaro Climbing

Kilimanjaro Climbing:

Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountains in Africa that is free standing. It has turned interest of many climber to its side and impresses everyone to take an adventurous tour. Kilimanjaro is composed of three volcanic mountains Kibo, Mawenzi and Shira. Uhuru peak is the highest summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Kilimanjaro never fails to have its visitors increasing every year. Its mountain beauty and a natural landscape becomes a good trekking experience for the visitors. However you can never start your trekking alone, you will always need to have a guide beside you to help you. There are many online services who assist in planning a trek to Kilimanjaro, does its best to make your trekking experience easy and memorable.

There are several routes you can plan to trek to Kilimanjaro, each route is different and it takes different time to reach the peak. assists you on the best route with its boons and banes for Kilimanjaro climbing. You have to just share your plan with them and relax. They will match you with 5 top Kilimanjaro operators. You can choose anyone and book online with fully refundable advance.

Routes for Kilimanjaro Climbing:

Marangu Route: 

Marangu is one of the popular route to climb Kilimanjaro. This route usually takes 5 to 6 days. It is easier and cheaper to take this route. One of the best in this route is the shared hut where you can experience nature’s beauty.

Machame Route:

Machame is also a good route with a lots of success rate of trekkers to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro. It take 6 to 7 days to finish your trek. It is a really good path to travel in this route. You can make a hut to stay here depending on the team size you carry.

Lemosho Route: 

Lemosho route is very adventurous, used and remote route. It takes 6 to 7 days to reach Kilimanjaro in this route. This route is surrounded by forests and glaciers. You can have a sight at the wild animals like buffalo, elephant and other wild animals.

Rongai Route:

Rongai route ascends from the north eastern side of the mountain. You will take 6 to 7 days to summit Kilimanjaro in this route. This is not much preferred route by most of the trekkers as few may suffer from altitude sickness in this route when compared to the others.

Umbwe Route:

This route is very familiar for the caves. You will have a new experience by sleeping in a cave. However it is risky to stay in a cave and this route also costs high. The costs are high when compared to the other routes as the expenses will double since the night sleep is at the cave.

The best time for Kilimanjaro climbing is between January to March and June – October. January to march is colder when compared to June – October as you can experience snow during that period. June – October is usually busy period as it is summer holidays in Europe and North America. April, May and November are the wettest months of the year in Kilimanjaro hence it is not suitable for the trekking. charges a reasonable amount and it depends on the route you choose and the size of your team. It is very important to stay fit and healthy to have a good trekking experience. Check out their FB Page for updates -

Getting unwell in half the way will cause a lot of bad experiences. You have to take all the necessary things that is needed on hand. It is advisable to have medicines ready for certain problems like fever, nausea, vomiting, headache and muscular sprain. Plan well ahead on the trip, consult a well experienced guide and then start your trip, so that you will not be lagging out of any discomfort and have a memorable Kilimanjaro climbing experience forever.

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