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Every girl has big dreams about her wedding and even bigger dreams about her life partner. For a few, such a wedding happens like a breeze. For few others, it’s quite a toil. Especially in a country like India, where marriages are like a celebration with supreme importance, it becomes even more cumbersome. It is just not about finding the right partner but also about identifying the perfect family. That’s because marriages are just not about the unison of two individuals but of two families. All of us would have a friend or relative who has been unsuccessful in finding the perfect match. We also would have heard tales of not-so-successful marriage due to various reasons.

From my family’s personal experience, I have an interesting story to share. There is this cousin of mine named Haritha. A very well bred, intellectual and independent girl from a financially sound background. Being born and brought up in Bangalore, she was very specific and keen on what she wanted out of her partner and her marital life. The downsides of her was her weight and few knots in her astrological charts.

My family had been hunting on all sides to seek her Mr.Perfect. Nothing seemed to work though. Our family was quite upset and unclear about how to proceed with it. That's when a friend of ours had suggested Elite matrimony. My uncle who is a businessman and old fashioned was sceptical about it in the beginning. Anyways Haritha wanted to give it a shot.

Elite matrimony’s relationship manager got in touch with Haritha and her family. A personal meeting was fixed at her residence. He listened to their expectations patiently and made sure that he understood the family well. Then he explained how they would look into it and promised to maintain cent percent confidentiality. After having analysed and evaluated the various features of Elite matrimony, my uncle signed up with Elite matrimony by paying over a lakh. I was really astonished to hear that they paid over a lakh. It was later that I realised that it was totally worth it.

They took over a month’s time to introduce proposals. Depending on the status and requirement of the family, few proposals were brought in. Out of which, a few were shortlisted based on physical appearance. Haritha really liked Abhinav and so did the family. The relationship manager spoke to Abhinav’s family on behalf of Haritha’s. This was followed by a tele call and then a meet. Both families seemed to gel well and were glad about the match.

Hairtha is happily settled today and can't thank Elite matrimony enough for bringing Abhinav into her life.

With Love - Vaishnavi.

Video Courtesy - Lavanya

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