How to plan a vacation with twins or multiples?

How to plan a vacation with twins or multiples?

Managing twins or multiples is double the task, and we always fall into very tired mommies criteria. We will be desperately longing for a me time. How about planning for a vacation sound for you? Wow, that’s so exciting is it? Well, I can read your mind saying on the other hand “vacation? And that too with twins? That’s another mess, staying at home will be much better”.  Even after getting the flight tickets booking done for vacation, I always have this second thought. Here’s this article to help you with few tips while planning for vacation with twins or multiples.

Plan for the right place: 

Plan for the right place for vacation. The change in climatic condition will have an effect on the babies and they should be able to cope up with the same. The climatic conditions should be good, extreme heat will cause a lot of problems, you can choose areas with mild climate or cool climate.

Pack it in advance: 

Start packing your things in advance, make it two or three days before you start for the vacation. Be sure to take all the necessary things that is required. You got to take the toiletries, first aid kit, medical kit, clothes. Always have an extra pair of clothes and medicines so that you need not suffer there searching for the shops. If you are travelling for cold places be sure to take sweaters or jackets with you.

Know the essentials

You have to keep your medical kit handy. It is always advisable to carry two sets of medicines. Have a first aid kit with Dettol, cotton, band aid and other things in place. Make a note of the medicines for cold, flu, stomach ache, since these are very common to occur due to the change in climatic conditions. You have to be extra careful and give the prescribed medicines on time.

Hygiene is an important factor

Choose for the right place to stay, make sure that it is very comfortable to stay with all the basic amenities. Check if there is proper water facilities and other emergency facilities or shops around. The place that you stay should be easily accessible. Spacious outer area where kids can play will be an added advantage so that you can have a leisure time and the kids will also enjoy their playtime.

Beware of the food: 

You have to be extra careful while choosing the place for the food. Avoid giving outside food if you are carrying infants or kids younger than 1 year with you. Take some homemade foods like chapathi or fruit purees that will last for few days. Be extra careful with the water that you give, because this will cause major problems and lead to vomit or diarrhea. Always try to give mineral water or boiled water, so that you can be on a safer side.

It is always good to take with you an extra set of towels, napkins, diapers. You can also take an induction stove with you to make simple recipes like boiling milk, make dhal, boil water and so on, this will be very helpful and you can avoid outside food. Plan the vacation properly by following the above tips, have a checklist with the things you are going to carry and make sure you’ve packed everything. It is very important that you should carry minimum luggage. Too much luggage will be a hassle, pack all your things in a big duffel bag so that the entire families things will set into on bag. Baby carriers and strollers will be of a much help. Plan well and have an unforgettable vacation with your kids, you will experience double joy.

Recently, I have booked Gulf Airlines  and went ahead boldly. I followed the above basic tips and it was really an enjoyable vacation with twins. 
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