Tea Tree Oil Benefits for hair, acne and other skin problems

Tea Tree Oil Benefits for hair, acne and other skin problems:

Today I am going to talk about tea tree oil which is gaining so much popularity nowadays. Cosmetics brands are continuously trying to innovate new products to cure all skin problems and enhance it. They are now bringing wide range of cosmetic products using tea tree as main ingredient. So, it is time to know what exactly is tea tree is and benefits of tea tree oil for us.

What is Tea Tree Oil?

Tea Tree oil is an essential oil which is obtained from the leaves of the plant Melaleuca Alternifloia, a native to Australia using steam distillation process. The leaves were used as a substitute for tea historically and hence it is called tea tree oil. The oil from the leaves is what we use for medicinal, cosmetic and various purposes.

Tea Tree Oil Benefits and How To Use Tea Tree Oil:

The first and foremost thing is you should not apply directly on the skin since it may cause skin burns. So, it is very essential to dilute it in water or your other career oil. You need to mix just 2 drops of oil in a mug of water to get the benefits of tea tree oil.

  • Tea Tree Oil for Acne: Tea tree oil is very effective in treating acne and to give radiance to the skin.It fights bacteria to prevent pimples. It helps to get clean and clear skin. There are lot of face washes available with tea tree in market.

  • Tea Tree Oil for Hair - Tea Tree Oil Shampoo:  Tea tree oil shampoo is very good for treating dandruff quickly. It also helps to treat scalp problems, fungus, lice, itching and brittle hair. Its anti-fungal property helps you to control dandruff and protects you hair. So, tea tree oil is very good for hair.
  • Tea Tree Soap: Tea tree oil helps to treat boils and other skin infections. 
  • Other Tea Tree Oil Uses: Tea tree oil can soothe your muscle aches and arthritis problems.  It is perfect to treat wounds and bacterial infections.

Side effects of Tea Tree Oil:

It is very important to use pure tea tree oil. Before using tea tree oil, it is must to do a patch test to check whether you have any allergy to the tea tree oil. Few people develop dermatitis and they should discontinue using it. Also, it should not be used by people with harmone-sensitive cancers, pregnant ladies or nursing women and people less than age 16. The side effetcs can be reduced by diluting tea tree oil. It should never be taken internally.

Where to buy tree tea oil:

Nowadays you can see many popular brands like Lotus Herbals, Garnier, Khadi are releasing cosmetic products with tea tree oil. You can also get 100% pure tea tree oil also. Even though products with tea tree oil is not available in all stores , you can have plenty of online retail stores selling these products like Flipkart, Nykaa etc.

My Recommendation:

Knowing the tea Tree Oil Uses, it is worth to try. Many people say that it is very effective to treat their skin problems and the results are immediate. So, go ahead and try. My recommendation is to buy a branded product with tea tree oil for safety usage. Read all the instructions in the label carefully to use it safely and receive the full benefits. 

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