Thanking You All for making it possible to cross 1 LAKH HITS

Hello friends,

I am happy to tell you all that Specially For Ladies crossed 1 lakh hits. You made it possible my dear readers, readers and readers. You are the one who are helping me to grow better day by day. I swear that this space will have only quality and interesting contents which will be useful for you. Thanks for your support and please keep visiting.

Also its time to thank and leave notable mentions here. I never thought that I will become so much passionate about blogging. My passion was not  the sole reason to achieve this golden mark. There are wonderful people behind this success. This time my highlights are on people and not headings :-)

Notable Mentions:

My family: 

My kid is my real motivation for trying new recipes. He is my first tester of most of my recipes especially sweets. If he likes it, he will eat. Otherwise, he will throw away :-) So, I managed to get honest feedback from him and posted the recipes which came out good. Truly speaking, my kid liked all my recipes except spicy ones which I do not give him. 

I became very happy when my hubby gifted me a Samsung Galaxy Note Tablet with keyboard to make my blogging easier and more flexible. Also, he got me a 8 Mbps broadband with Wi-Fi modem. He is a man of actions. Of course, I love people who are of actions rather than the ones who just talk with no actions. His actions made me happier to think how much support he is giving to me and my passion. Everytime I use to ask my hubby to narrate what he thinks about the dish I make. I never heard anything else other than 'super', 'very good', 'tasty' or 'nothing new'. I post only the recipes which received have positive comments from him. Once I tried Kara kuzhambu from another internet source. My hubby told me straight away that there is no much difference between puli kulambu and this one. So, it is easier for me to pick up and post only quality and unique recipes in this space. 

My dad is also in the same line with my hubby, almost in most of the qualities. He finds even if I miss a tomato or I put additional brinjal. Now, coming to another 2 main people - my mom and my sis. I was able to increase the no of posts in a fast pace only when I was in my native. My mom cooked and sis captured it. The only work I had was to note down the ingredients and instructions from them and posting it. So, I was able to post more frequently with their support and it was easier for me to achieve 1 lakh HITs so soon.

My friends and readers:

There are lot of friends who immediately liked my facebook page, put effort to drop comments in my blog and acknowledged my effort. I am grateful to you all and love you so much.

Two more wonderful moments:

My kid is turning 2 years old tomorrow. It is my another achievement as a mom of taking care of this naughty and hyper active boy well. I am so so happy. 

Also, I had another happy moment recently. We have shifted to our new home. It could not be easier for us if we didn't have my mom and my friend Amrutha's family. My mom worked round the clock and set up everything in place. I admit that I am a little lazy girl in household work :-) 

Hmm... Well. I feel why Specially for Ladies also cannot move to a new home now. Yes, I am thinking about moving to a own domain if I get a super cool name. Friends, please help me in selecting a good name. Till that, Specially for ladies will continue in this address..
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