The Saree Culture - Different Types of Sarees

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A saree is garment that accentuates the femininity of a woman, brings out her beauty and exudes elegance no matter where and when you wear it. These gorgeous long yards of fabric is capable of creating magic, whether it's on the ramp or at a social gathering. Just Indian people, sarees of India too differ from one place to another. However, it is the only outfit that is worn, traditionally all across the country.

If you're a newbie in the world of sarees these myriad options might seem daunting but truth is it's not all that confusing. A saree from south of India represents it's environment with fabrics, embroideries et al, similarly sarees from the north east will represent their state, their culture through their sarees. The whole idea is actually quite simple and beautiful.

Draping Up - Southern Style

Familiar with names like Kanjeevaram, Mysore, Uppada? Well, all of these aren't just names of places located in the south of India.These are names of sarees - Mysore Silk Sarees, Kanjeevaram sarees, Uppada Pattu Sarees. Interesting, right? The styles from south India make heavy use of rich silk, luxurious colors and a lot of heave gold zari work.

Of course, there are simple cottons too that worn in this part of country but rich silk sarees is what Southern Indian specializes in.

With Love from North India

Every saree enthusiast is aware of the Banarasi saree, one of the most popular traditional sarees in the country. These sarees are conventionally meant to be part of a bride's trousseau and are famous as bridal sarees more than anything else. However, apart from Banarasi sarees there are many more varities in this part of the country too.

There's Organza or Organdy from Uttar Pradesh, Kota (again a name of a place in Rajasthan) Doria Sarees, Jamavar Sarees, then sarees with chickan embroidery are another popular style through most of North India.

Colors of West India

Colorful Bandhani, gorgeous Chanderi and Maheshwari, Gadwal cotton or the lovely Patola - the elusive feminine finery called the saree is available in ample varieties of fabrics and styles in the western side of India. Cotton, a common fabric worn all over the country, differs from place to place. Gadwal Cotton Sarees from Pune, Maharashtra are obviously made in cotton but in a style influenced by the Banarasi sarees. The base of the saree is usually plain or in self-checks and the borders are either pure silk or zari. Fascinating, isn't it?

Cultural influences are largely visible in sarees and yet they remain versatile.

The East Indian Saree

East India includes states like West Bengal, Assam, Meghalaya, Orissa and many more states where sarees are a part of daily wear, much like south India. Sarees from the eastern part of India are famous for their variety. You will find Kantha sarees which refers to the embroidery and not the fabric, then there are more dressy Baluchari sarees, beautiful and simple taanth sarees. There's also Dhakai which has its origins in Dhaka, Bangladesh. While it's not an Indian saree per se, it is definitely quite popular is worn by many in Bengal.

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Well, that was a compass directing you to sarees from all four parts of India. Each saree brings with it it's own flavor to add to your wardrobe. Of course, these sarees have also been reinterpreted in contemporary styles and they make for stunning designer sarees ! This way you can stay traditional and uber stylish, at the same time.

Bottom line? For all lovers of sarees and its characteristic grace, owning at least one saree from each region of India is a must! So, buy your six yards of elegance and work the magic!

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