Names Of Different Flowers | Flower Names In Tamil - English - Sanskrit - Hindi - Botanical Names

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I have compiled a list of flower names in English, Tamil, Hindi and Sanskrit for my neighbor kid for his school assignment. He has assigning me all his school assignments. He told that he has to compile a similar list for groceries, vegetables, animals, fishes and so on. I realized it will be great if I have everything in a same place. I am planning to put this Flower Names in English, Tamil, Hindi and Sanskrit in my Kids care section. Hope the kids and parents will find it useful. This is an ongoing list. I will add whenever I learn about a new flower.

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Names Of Different Flowers | Flower Names In Tamil - English - Sanskrit - Hindi - Botanical Names


Botanical Name
Blue Water LilyNeelambalKrishna KamalamNeelkamalNymphaea nouchali
BougainvilleaKaahitha PooBooganbelBougainvillea glabra
China Rose/Chinese hibiscusChembaruthi PooJapa pushpamGurhalHibiscus rosa-sinensis
ChrysanthemumSamanthi Poo/Sevvanthi PooSevantiChandramallikaChrysanthemum indicum
Cobra saffron/Ceylon ironwood/Indian rose chestnutNaga PooNagpushpaNag champa/NagkesarMesua ferrea
GhaneraArali Poo
Nothapodytes nimmoniana
Madan mogra/Arabian JasmineGundu Malli/Malligai PooMadan mograJasminum sambac
Crossandra/Firecracker FlowerKanakambaramAboli/PriyadarshaCrossandra infundibuliformis
FrangipaniSampangi PooChampeya/Champaka/HemapushpaChampa/Golachin/GolenchiPlumeria rubra
Globe AmaranthVaadaamalliGule makhmalGomphrena globosa
RoseRosa Poo/Roja PooGulabRosa

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