Homemade Rusk Recipe | Bread Crumps for soup recipe - How to make Rusk - Baby Rusk Recipe

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I am going to share you the rusk recipe which takes just 5 minutes for the whole process. It is a very easy and quick rusk recipe which can serve as a good tea time snacks. Also, it is a very good homemade recipe for babies. My baby loves this rusk made from bread a lot. My mom too became a fan for it. I find this as the easiest baking recipe to make in a solo microwave. Rusk/Bread crumps tastes very well with the elachi flavor. Read more to know how to make rusk/bread crumps at your home.

Homemade Rusk Recipe | Bread Crumps | Baby Rusk Recipe:

Rusk/Bread Crumps

Homemade Rusk Recipe | Bread Crumps | Baby Rusk Recipe:


Bread - 3 slices(Cut the edges if you like)
Butter - 1 tablespoon
Sugar - 2 tsp
Cardomom - 1/4 tsp


1. Grind the sugar in a mixie to make a fine powder.

2. Grind the cardomom also to make a fine powder.

3. Heat butter if it is not watery. Mix butter, powdered sugar and powdered cardomom and make a paste.


4. Make a coating with the above paste on both sides of the bread.


5. Cut the bread into 3 vertical pieces.


6. If you want it as bread crumps to use  in soups, cut horizontally too. Get ready with the slices in the size and shape you want.


7. Keep the bread pieces in your favorite baking container for baking and place it inside the microwave oven.

8. Keep the microwave in High mode and bake it for one minute. I prepared this in Solo microwave. Keep the mode according your microwave mode. Check the consistency of the rusk. The timings depend on the bread you buy. If required, heat it for 30 seconds incrementally. Do not bake it for more than one minute continuously since the bread will get burnt.

Rusk/Bread Crumps

Hope you liked the post on Homemade Rusk Recipe | Bread Crumps for soup recipe - How to make Rusk - Baby Rusk Recipe. Try the rusk/bread crumps recipe and leave your valuable comments.

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