Thursday, 4 July 2013

Homemade Sathu Maavu Recipe | Homemade Health Mix Powder Recipe for babies

Hello friends,

My mom always prepares Sathu Maavu Podi/Health mix powder at home for my kid since he was 6 months old. Sathu Maavu/Health mix can give your baby a wide range of health benefits because of the rich ingredients. I am going to share you the recipe for Sathu Maavu/Health mix powder for babies less than a year old and the another version for kids and adults

Homemade Sathu Maavu | Health Mix powder for babies:

Sathu Maavu/Health Mix

Homemade Sathu Maavu | Mutligrain Health Mix Powder Recipe:


Ragi/Keppai - 1/2kg
Sago/Javvarisi - 1/4kg
Parboiled rice - 150g
Cardomom - 25g
Omam - 25g
Chukku/Dry ginger - 5 pieces
Poppy seeds/Kasakasa - 25g


1. Clean Ragi and drain the water. Dry well in shade.

2. Clean parboiled rice and dry well in shade.

3. Grind dry ginger in mixie. 

4. Grind Omam in mixie and clean it using the cleaner which we use for cleaning plain flour, wheat flour. 

5. Once everything got dried, fry all the ingredients separately and grind it in a mill.

Now, Sathu maavu podi/Mutligrain health mix powder for babies is ready. I will post how to prepare Sathu Maavu kanji in a separate post.

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  1. please tell the ingredents in cup sizes as i dont have a weighing scale.
    thanks in advance

    1. Hi Nidhi, you don't need weighing scale for measuring the ingredients. Hope you have something in your house for measuring rice for cooking. You can use that to measure. 1 cup will be either 200 ml or 250 ml mostly. Measure accordingly. Moreover you can also measure the ingredients in ratio too. For eg, for 2.5 cups Raagi, you can use 1.25 cups sago and so on. Although 1 ml is not exactly equal to 1 g, you can measure in ml itself. The ratio is important.