Home made Quick Snacks - Oma Podi Recipe

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Oma podi is one of the snacks loved by almost all kids even adults. I just finished making Omapodi for my kid. He loves it very much. It can be given even to 1 year babies. I prefer preparing snacks at home for my kid than buying from outside. It will be more healthy than the bakery items. My mom never misses to prepare Omapodi for my kid when we go to my native. Also, Omapodi will be there in the list of  Diwali snacks.

Home made Quick Snacks - Oma Podi Recipe


Home made Quick Snacks - Oma Podi Recipe


Basin Flour - 200 g
Rice Flour - 50 g
Omam/Ajwain -  1 tsp
Oil/Butter - 2 tsp
Oil for deep frying
Salt - As required
Water - As required


1. Dry roast the Ajwain/Omam for 2 minutes and grind it in a mixer. Grind it again after adding little water.
2. Filter it and keep the Omam water aside.
3. Sieve Basin and Rice Flours well. Add salt, butter or oil, omam extract and water. Knead it well to form a sticky dough.
4. Heat oil in a pan for deep frying.
5. Put a portion of dough inside a idiyappam/Muruku maker. Use the small dotted hole one for pressing.
6. Press the dough inside the oil forming a circle.
7. Fry both pf the sides. It will get fried quickly. So, be careful with this step to avoid excessive burning.
8. Repeat the above steps for the whole dough.
9. Break the Omapodi into pieces once it cools down.

Now, your tasty Omapodi is ready to serve. Please leave in your comments if you enjoyed the recipe.

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