Ponds White Beauty Daily Spot-less Lightening Cream Review

It is time to review Ponds White Beauty cream. I started using Ponds White Beauty cream SPF 20++ almost 4 years ago.  When I went to my friend's house where she stayed with friends, I met her friend. I had seen some of her photos. She looked awesome in some photos but dull in some photos. I could guess it was because of the make up she had done. I accidentally saw Ponds White Beauty in her open shelf. Hmmm.. I guessed that could be the reason behind her glowing skin in some photos. So, I thought of trying it. Till now, I am having it in my shelf even though I use it occasionally unlike Fair & Lovely(Read the review here) which I use almost daily.

Ponds White Beauty Daily  Spot-less Lightening Cream SPF 20 PA++ Review

Ponds White Beauty Daily Spot-less Lightening cream

M.R.P : Rs.80(Now, the discounted prize is Rs.69)

Pack size: 25g

Ingredients: A long list of chemical ingredients which will not be much informative.

What they claim:

My View:

They have provided a discount of Rs.11. Wow... But, first thing I want to say is, do not get mislead by the packing size. If you open the pack, the container is very small.. Now you will think the price is high when compared to the content. My skin is dry skin. I have seen mixed reviews of Ponds White Beauty cream. Few people say that it not suitable for oily skin. Few say that it is not good for dry skin. But, I feel it suits me very well. This is the second fairness cream I like. First one is, Fair & Lovely. Thirds is Lakme Perfect Radiance.

This gives you instant pinkish effect. This is an example. My friend was with me at my home. We were starting for a movie. She was talking to me for a long time. She asked me how my face became pinkish white and glowing all of a sudden. The secret is Ponds White Beauty :-) Also, my another friend asked me when we  were on an outing, how I look special and fair on that day all of a sudden. Two things I did on that day. One is, I applied Banjaras Cucumber Face pack with rose water. I applied Ponds White Beauty afterwards. 

Due to the above success stories of applying Ponds White Beauty cream, I was not able to give it up. So, I always have Ponds White Beauty cream on my shelf. They are saying spot-less. I do not see any effect on spots as they say. 

If you want a pinkish glowing effect, then this product will help you. You can not expect more than that like having spot-less skin. It is good as a fairness cream.


Gives instant fairness
Provides pinkish white effect
Packing is very nice
Easily available 
No side effects I have seen


Little Bit expensive
You need to apply another sun screen for protecting your skin
Some people will not find the texture as impressive

My recommendation is it is worth to try Ponds White Beauty Daily  Spot-less Lightening Cream to find out whether it suits your skin. If it suits, it is worth to continue. Buy the least size pack if you are very unsure.

Hope you enjoyed my review on Ponds White Beauty Daily  Spot-less Lightening Cream SPF 20 PA++.
Please leave in your valuable comments. Happily looking for it:-)

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  2. Hey Swathi, What a pleasant surprise di... I thought of establishing my blog after coming up with good amount of quality posts.. Seriously, I got excited to catch u here... Thank u so much:-) Keep visiting and commenting !!

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    1. Thank you di !! sure, you can check many more interesting and useful posts !!

  4. Hello :) is it sold all over the world or only in india? :/ thank u in advance for ur reply di

    1. No, It is even available in US. You can search in ebay.com. If you can tell your location, I may be able to help you out. You can also check in the local shops or online.

    2. I'm in Reunion Island... It's a french department.
      Thank you for your reply :) I will try in local "indian" shops.

  5. Hi thank you for your review it was so useful.

  6. Ponds is always the best choice to choose. Thank you so much for giving us detailed review.

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