Kolam Designs and Best Rangoli Designs

We have announced 'Kolam Contest' for this Pongal | Lohri | Sankranti festival 2016. With Pongal just round the corner, many of you might have been collected your old kolam designs and start planning for drawing kolam | Rangoli for this pongal 2016. Whether it is pulli kolam or rangoli kolangal, kolam is the first step to invite Pongal to your home.

Contest End Date - 18 January 2016.

Here are the kolam designs | Rangoli Designs which our contestants are sharing with us.

Note: This Kolam design collection | Rangoli designs list will be updated as and when we get entry from our dear participants.

Best Kolam Designs | Rangoli Designs from our participants:

This beauiful Rangoli kolam for Pongal has been shared by our participant 'Aarti Mishra'. This rangoli is best for Pongal | Sankarati as it has all the important elements of Pongal such as Pongal Paanai, Sun, Sugarcane, Cow, Paddy field etc. 

This rangoli is shared by Jashmeet. She drew this Rangoli design for Diwali. She has mentioned that this is her first Diwali with her hubby after wedding.

The below pulli kolam is sent by Bruntha Ramani. It is simple and elegant which can be drawn easily on Pongal without much effort. But you can play with beautiful colors to make this pulli kolam more pretty.

The below Peacock kolam / Peacock Rangoli is shared by our regular participant of contests in our blog. She is none other than 'Jayshree Mehta'. This peacock rangoli / Peacock kolam is perfect for any occasion including weddings.

Geetha has captured 3 of her mother's pongal kolangal designs and shared with us for this pongal kolam contest.

This is the first Pongal kolam design she has sent.

Pongal Kolam

Below is a simple kolam which you can put for Pongal design quite easily. This kolam design is from Geetha.

Easy Pongal Kolam

This is one of the easiest pongal kolam designs that anyone can try.

Easy Kolam
Hope you liked the Pongal kolam designs as much as I like. If you have beautiful kolam design / rangoli designs, do not forget to share with us for this Pongal Kolam contest.
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