Kuppaimeni Leaves and Plant Uses and Benefits

Kuppaimeni Leaves and Plant Uses and Benefits:

After a large research in the use of plants as medicine, it’s now the era for making use of the so-called weeds. One such annual weed is kuppaimeni that is grown locally in all the planar. It is a 75cm tall plant, with ovate green leaves, unisexual green flowers found in catkin inflorescence.

Commonly known as Indian nettle, Cat tail plant.
Botanical name: Acalypha Indica
Tamil name: Kuppaimeni, Poonamayakki
Trade name: Indian Nettle
Family: Euphorbiaceae

Kuppaimeni Uses and Benefits for Scabies treatment :

The most vigorous mite skin infestation ‘scabies’ is a contagious disease and which even spread to the neck, head of babies. When untreated it can cause itching of unaffected areas also cause chronic secondary infections by bacteria leading to loose of their appearance. Kuppaimeni can be used to treat this as the phytochemical compounds such as (Alkaloids, Tannins, Saponins, Steroids and Protein) present in this can prevent the action of bacterial activities. Make the leaf extract and mix with the common salt or quicklime or lime juice and apply it on the skin rash or the nodules.

Kuppaimeni Uses and Benefits for Ringworm:

The moist environment often leads to the development of fungus. Our body serves as a host and lead to Ringworm which even spreads from toe to hand and also from person to person. The antimicrobial activity of kuppaimeni can cure the fungal infections. Make a paste of the Kuppaimeni leaves and add a common salt to it, then apply on the itches.

Kuppaimeni Uses and Benefits for Arthritis:

The common problem found with the aging is ‘joint pain’ or “Arthritis”. It has been also noticed adequately in the women during their ‘perimenopause’ stage which makes screws them. Also, it has been found that negative thoughts lead to an increase in C - reactive protein, the main cause for inflammation in joints. Here is an alternative to the usual painkillers (ibuprofen or acetaminophen). Make a juice from the fresh Kuppaimeni leaves. Mix common salt and oil with the juice and apply it on the affected area. The anti-inflammatory properties of the Kuppaimeni leaves cure the pain of mainly rheumatoid arthritis.

Kuppaimeni Uses and Benefits for Headache:

The most annoying problem of all the youngsters now is ‘a headache’.it may be due to various factors like stress, hormonal changes, lack of sleep, respiratory infections, strong odors or may be due to beverages. Kuppaimeni leaves juice can be applied on the spot. A bandage can also be made with the full Kuppaimeni plant and be placed on the area.

Kuppaimeni Uses and Benefits for removing unwanted facial and upper lip hair:

A most depressing development in the women is hairs in unwanted parts like upper lip hair and facial hair. Most of them get dejected and lose their charm because of these unwanted facial hairs on the usually on their upper lip. Many fear to use artificial products as some are painful and others may trigger skin problems.

For all those women here is a natural remedy. The kuppaimeni has the property to make the hair fell as they infiltrate into the skin and stop their growth. Take few fresh Kuppaimeni leaves and grind them to make a fine paste. Apply turmeric to it and mix them well. Apply this paste on the area to get rid of unwanted facial and upper lip hair easily. Apply it every day at night to get rid of it completely.

Kuppaimeni Uses and Benefits for Muscular pain:

This could be a temporary pain because of exercise or sprain or a serious pain due to staphylococcus infestation which may lead to fever, arthritis etc. which can even lead to ringworm diseases. Kuppaimeni is very effective against this, because of its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. Make oil from the kuppaimeni leaves and it can be applied on all the parts of muscular pain. For making oil, make a juice from the Kuppaimeni leaves and add sesame oil and turmeric powder and heat the mixture until the moisture dries away.

Kuppaimeni Uses and Benefits for Heat boils:

Boils mostly produced in face, neck, buttocks, underarm starting from the oil gland or hair follicle and form pus as it swells. It may cause more pain than the swelling while some may become fiery red all of a sudden causing fever. It makes the person more sensitive (both physically and mentally) the acne scars and heat boils can be removed from the skins by applying the juice of the Kuppaimeni leaves mixed with the lime juice on the affected area. The acetone extract of kuppaimeni acts against the Staphylococcus, main species causing boils. Also, it has steroids which reduce swelling.

Kuppaimeni Uses and Benefits for Cold:

Common cold makes the children dejected. It may be due to the contamination or viral infections. The body produces histamine which triggers allergy reactions in the body. The leaf juice, when mixed with cumin powder and turmeric, acts as a very good medicine for cold. It acts against the allergies as the Kuppaimeni plant contains alkaloids.

Kuppaimeni Uses and Benefits for Dandruff treatment:

It’s annoying when you see the dead skin cells shed from your hair. It’s mostly because of the dry skin leading to itching, redness. Sometimes moist dandruff can lead to an unpleasant smell.
The mixture of Kuppaimeni leaves and neem powder can be applied to get rid of dandruff.

Kuppaimeni Uses and Benefits for Asthma:

Asthma is caused due to genetic factors, environment or due to smoking which blocks the airways due to the formation of mucous in it and also tightens the muscles leading to shortness of breath, coughing, wheezing. It can even develop in children making them feel tired and weak. The extract of the leaves can treat asthma as they are expectorant thus causing the mucus to expel out of the airways. They can intake juice depending on the extent of the disease. But don’t intake more than the requirement as that can cause excessive vomiting.

Kuppaimeni Uses and Benefits for Bronchitis and Pneumonia:

Bronchitis may occur when the bronchi get abstracted by mucous leading to acute or chronic bronchitis. It usually produces mucous to trap the worms or dust particles. When infection occurs more mucous is produced resulting in a cough, wheezing which is acute bronchitis. Chronic bronchitis usually results in pneumonia. The phytochemicals present in the Kuppaimeni plant acts as an antimicrobial drug releases the mucous blockage. Also, the Kuppaimeni plant is very effective against the species of staphylococcus.The decoction of the Kuppaimeni plant can be used to get rid of the disease.

Kuppaimeni Uses and Benefits for Bedsores:

This results because of pressure concentrated on a particular surface for a long time leading to the lack of blood flow in the areas. Then it leads to serious skin infection. If it is prolonged then it may even lead to the accumulation of metabolic waste in those areas. It mostly develops on aging. It is very effective against skin infections because of the steroidal enzymes present in it.

Kuppaimeni Uses and Benefits for Intestinal worms:

The most problem in all the children is the stomach worms which are caused due to the unhygienic practices leading to lose weight, stomach pain. The most common is Ascariasis in which the worm will expel during their bowel movements or during coughing which is scary. In this, the warm will stay for about 2 months. The worms cause dehydration. The antihelmintic properties of the Kuppaimeni plant will destroy the worms and releases in the bowel movements. The juice of the leaves is mixed with the garlic paste to remove the worms. Dry Powder leaves can also be used.

Kuppaimeni Uses and Benefits for Constipation:

Improper bowel movements may lead to serious health problems. It may be due to aging, pregnancy, dehydration, food habits. Kuppaimeni is a very good laxative and helps in bowel movements. The juice of kuppaimeni is mixed with the common salt and can be taken to get rid of constipation.

Kuppaimeni Uses and Benefits for Centipede bite:

The crushed kuppaimeni leaves can reduce the pain of centipede quickly.

With lot of health and beauty benefits, Kuppaimeni is a significant plant. What are the other uses of Kuppaimeni you are aware about? Be it medicinal uses or beauty benefits, please share with us.

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