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Forming a team is easy, but the success relies on how efficiently the team is managed. Inefficient, Unorganized and poor-connected team management dissolves the purpose of forming a team and always ends in failure. Making a team is just a starter whereas managing the team is the main course, which you need to concentrate on.

Apart from spending time on coaching teams, coaches also have the work of scheduling games and managing teams, sometimes more than one team. More often than not, e-mail is used for correspondence. But it cannot help the coaches to do anything more than that. Some teams have built their own websites for efficient team management. But people like you and me cannot afford such a huge expense of building and maintaining our own website.

Managing and coordinating the teams efficiently might look like a mammoth task until you find a simple solution for it. Yes, I am talking about simple solution and not a strenuous one. Well, there is a solution called 'TeamSnap', an application that is trusted as No.1 online sports team management application for coaches, managers and organizers. Believe me, I am not providing you some random solution as there are really 9 million people already using TeamSnap. Read on to know how you can simplify your team management with TeamSnap!

About TeamSnap:

About TeamSnap

TeamSnap was formed in 2009 to take the hassle out of managing, coaching, or organizing team sports and groups. Their mission is to build a great product that any parent, coach, team manager, group organizer or sentient robot can pick up and use immediately. They have continued to grow, innovate and add new features based on feedback from their million loyal customers. They enable their customers to spend less time organizing and more time doing.

Interestingly, the team members of TeamSnap are avid users of their product. They are athletes, coaches, football moms and gymnastic dads. So, they are well aware about the exact requirements of end users like you and me.

TeamSnap connects people involved in a team including the parents and simplifies the whole process of managing a team with its several noteworthy features. The application can be used to create a roster, schedule a game, check for the availability of players, plan practice sessions, send messages, provide feedback to parents and collect fees. It is not just for sports, it can be used to manage any type of teams like plays, tuition, dancing, recitals etc. This tool brings the advantage of modern instant communication to the coach’s hands and makes their work simple, but effective.
TeamSnap Review - TeamSnap Features

TeamSnap is a tool that collaborates all these activities in a single application and is available on andrioid and iOS. Basically, this tool takes care of the extra activities and enables you to focus more on the game. It allows you to create as many teams as you like without complicating the features. The dashboard clearly shows your teams and the features apply to each individual team separately.

Teamsnap Review

Above is an example of my tennis team by the name – Alpha team. The highlighted portion shows the features available for this particular team. Coaches can create and manage a team online simply by creating an account and forming a Roster. Players are added using their email address and for young players, their parents email can be added. Parents have the option to invite/add their spouse later. Once the players are added, a game can be scheduled.

Teamsnap1 Teamsnap2 Teamsnap3

Once a game is scheduled, you can even arrange for volunteers to bring refreshments through the “Refreshments” feature. The participating as well as the non- participating team members can check for updates. The tool allows you to add a Team Manager other than yourself, which is great in case of emergencies and illness. Another great feature of TeamSnap is the option to enable notifications for your team and yourself. It can send reminders for a game or an event and individuals can also change their notification settings to ON/OFF. The app allows you to share photos and videos of the game and team instantly.

The features are the same for the mobile app and it is great as you can manage your team wherever you go. The “Messaging” feature is personally my favorite, all you have to do is to type a message and it is broadcasted to the whole team. The app provides you an option to send emails along with the message and a text message if required.

Parents receive information on games & events via email. It becomes a hassle when these emails go unchecked within the time especially when there is a change in schedule or location of the game. Imagine arriving at a location and finding no one from the team or missing a game due to it being rescheduled to the day before. The app brings you these updates to your phone, making the updates hard to miss. The schedule shares the details of the game or events like time and place. The location can be viewed via the maps link provided by the coach.

More features are offered based on the type & pricing plan you choose. 

I am sure most of you are interested to try your hand at this awesome tool. TeamSnap offers a 21-day FREE trial, sign up on to find out more. You can add your team details and begin your paper free, stress-free management of your sports & events team.

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